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Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by Diann, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Floored by Newman

    Floored by Newman Floored by Newman

    Repairs on a floating floor can be at times a 3/4 demo and reinstall of existing floor along with the hope nothing gets damaged in process. NOT CHEAP.....Go with the glue as repairs any homeowner could do. Pressure sensitive adhesive.
  2. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    Personally, I don't like any of the floating products. As soon as you put an appliance or bathroom fixture on it, it's pinned down. Too much chance of buckling somewhere.

    RFI is right, they are trying to cheap their way out of this very costly oops.

  3. Floored by Newman

    Floored by Newman Floored by Newman

    I have put this Mannington floating floor in my recreational RV and temps vary 50 degrees within a 24 hr. period here, Still looks all so beautiful and durable. Repairs easy cause well its about 150 sq. ft. any bigger would have glued. Mannington makes a great FLOOR. There glue well.... I use another that I know works.
  4. Diann

    Diann Member

    So you use a glue other than Mannington with the Mannington floor planks? That's what the issue is here. Installer used Shaw and Mapi (sp) VCT glue to install my Mannington floor. Many of the planks are not adhering.
  5. Floored by Newman

    Floored by Newman Floored by Newman

    Vct glue used, Not pressure sensitive resulting in your huge mess.:( IDIOTS Far difference in the two. Again use pressure sensitive not vct for lvt installations. Do you think there are 101 manufactures of glue?
  6. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    The wrong glue is the wrong glue. Would you put diesel fuel in your car?
  7. Floored by Newman

    Floored by Newman Floored by Newman

    No but have the option to use reg. mid. or premium. Really diesel for gasoline?
    All ya got?
  8. Floored by Newman

    Floored by Newman Floored by Newman

    How many manufactures of the pressure sensitive adhesive exist? One for every manufacture or is it a LABEL?
  9. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    I'm still thawing out. My point was putting the wrong fuel in your car will screw it up just as much as the wrong glue screwed up that floor. :yesss:

  10. Floored by Newman

    Floored by Newman Floored by Newman

    Being vct glue was used and not quality pressure sensitive. I believe in universal products and so should every manufacture. I use what I know works. These temps. sure do not help things though;)
  11. RFI

    RFI Mr. Nefarious Senior Member

    If a mill states to use their adhesive then you best use their adhesive. Not all pressure sensitives are the same, same goes for all the others.

    Let's say that we are installing product "C" and the mills adhesive required is a $100 dollars a pail. We decide to save some money and go with the with another adhesive and save $ 50 bucks. A short time later we get a call like this one with issues, because we did not follow the mills installation recommendations we went with the cheaper adhesive. Now because we went the cheap way for 50 bucks we are spending hundreds to thousands to fix our mess. Not including the damage we just did to our companies reputation.

    But hey we just saved $ 50 bucks :cool:
  12. Floored by Newman

    Floored by Newman Floored by Newman

    Or purchase the best for an additional $20.00 because you know its better than manufactures. How many manufactures with different grades again?
  13. RFI

    RFI Mr. Nefarious Senior Member

    Sorry no, if the mill specs out their adhesive, in my opinion you best use their adhesive.

    Let's take this OP topic. The mill wants their adhesive used. They have their reasons and I am not no adhesive expert. Adhesives have gotten very complicated. Just because another manufactures adhesive states pressure sensitive doesn't means it will work. Shoot thin spread is considered to be a pressure sensitive adhesive, did it work?

    Just use the mills recommended adhesive, to their directions and avoid this issue.

    Look, at some point everyone in our industry has to wake up and see what is going on. We are shooting ourselves in the foot and pushing customers away with these stupid problems. At some point there will be a viable alternative for floors that work, make the customers happy and we will be out in the cold.

    Case in point, a local public entity in my area is ripping out all floor coverings and going polished concrete, because of flooring issues. They are tired of the problems and wasted money. All of it has been installation issues with no support from the dealers. It's all about take the money and run mentality.

    At some point we will pay the price.
  14. Floored by Newman

    Floored by Newman Floored by Newman

    Again how many manufactures of glue exist? The guys working on floor being IDIOTS. Vct and lvt totally different. When I purchase ANYTHING I consider no warranty. I buy product because its good and trust whomever sells/ installs product no matter what. Simple... quality pressure sensitive adhesive used NO PROBLEM. Bad experiences with some adhesive result me in using what I know works. Manufacture would also back otherwise......
  15. Incognito

    Incognito No more Mr. Nice Guy! I Support TFP Senior Member

    Diann, I've mentioned that BRAND substitution isn't really the #1 problem you're up against. There are lots of LVT adhesives that are as good and better then the Mannington product you SUPPOSEDLY paid for. That's a big problem----that they used the factory glue in the "estimate" then substituted for sure the WRONG glue for some of the work and I don't think I would believe anything they told me at that point about whatever Shaw product they're trying to claim they used on the first day.


    I wouldn't even want them back in my home to do the repair, let alone the carpet and baths upstairs. But states differ on YOUR rights to kick a contractor off your project without PAY and/or a fair chance to make it right. To make this right I think I'd want them to demo all the newly laid planks, scrape the WRONG adhesive trowel notches down to bare residue then skim coat with Ardex Feather Finish. WATCH THIS an make sure that they do it thoroughly. It's CRITICAL to have a clean, flat, smooth substrate. In the long run EVERY flaw will telegraph through to the surface.

    My first choice after all that would be for them to refund all my money, take all their tools, materials and sundries and disappear from the face of the earth. But if they balk at that and exert their rights as contractors to repair their mess then they'd get the 2nd chance to lay new planks with the right glue.

    I had some similar hassles with the schmuck who installed my windows. I had contracted the company to replace every window in the home and install French doors leading to the patio. After they screwed up the windows I didn't want those idiots to TOUCH my French doors so I was able to negotiate a credit back for the installation of the doors so I hired another guy to do that for me. I was very happy with the guy who finished the job and probably will hire him back when we do the front entry and completely remodel the living room.
  16. Floored by Newman

    Floored by Newman Floored by Newman

    Could not have been said better. Hope all goes well for ya. Im outta this one.
  17. Diann

    Diann Member

    This is what I was guessing, and maybe what the flooring company knows, and may be why he suggested a floating floor. Would the floating floor sit above all those imperfections and look better than a glue down at this point?
  18. Incognito

    Incognito No more Mr. Nice Guy! I Support TFP Senior Member

    As some of the other guys and gals have opined I'm not a fan of "floating" vinyl floors. I'd want the floor you contracted for and there's no good reason for them to be sleazing out of the demo and prep at this point. If they're willing to EAT the replacement cost of the materials anyways I don't see the big deal about demo, scrape-away and skimcoat. OBVIOUSLY someone is aware of the unscrupulous or incompetence that led to your complaints. They wouldn't offer you a new floor if they thought they had a leg to stand on legally.

    Our "helpers" or apprentices would handle that demo/prep work in one day probably------a couple or three hundred bucks labor and a couple or three bags of patch. Hard to say for sure but it might be as little as one man, one day. Really depends on what they did with the glue and 100 lb. roller.

    NO, I wouldn't want to float over that mess now that I think about it.
  19. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    I think both Newman and RFI are correct and are arguing two different points. RFI says use adhesive Manufacture recommends or their label 100% correct unarguable.
    Newman says a so and so company doesn't even manufacture adhesive but they have a manufacturer put the LVT manufacturers label on it. So say you contact the LVT manufacturer and they say it's ok to use another adhesive manufacturers adhesive, it is just an additional step of verification. Now if you make the decision on your own, you now assume the risk, now who guided this adhesive to this job it is now their responsibility for replacement.
  20. Incognito

    Incognito No more Mr. Nice Guy! I Support TFP Senior Member

    We KNOW certain adhesives are re-labeled for multiple manufacturers. In other words there's NOTHING special or proprietary in their "system" of installation that requires you pay any kind of PREMIUM for pasting a label with their name on the pail. Should anything go wrong with the installation and you could prove you used an EQUIVALENT adhesive you won't lose in court.

    So you have to know shit from Shinola---------pardon my French.

    RFI is correct in stating that you OUGHT to respect their system recommendations------unless you KNOW better as far as what's an appropriate/FAIR substitution and are willing to face any consequences should you be wrong about what's what.

    VCT glue for LVT--------that's just sleazy nonsense.

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