Mannington Adura vs. Armstrong Alterna vs. Congoleum Duraceramic

Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by herman2manny, May 17, 2013.

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    right we realize that, pros and cons to both, just looking at cost, if a 12 " porcelain tile cost $1.80 and Armstrong Alterna cost $3.60 sq ft. how much are looking at per sq ft to use the porcelain considering you need plywood as a underfloor for both floors. In other word how much is it per sq ft for the sheet rock, mortar,(a better) tile cutter and blades and grout for porcelain (for 303 sq ft) and over 20 years will the porcelain hold up better to warrant the cost, provided you don't drop heavy pots on it (which I have been known to do on my vinyl)
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    Daris, we are in Indiana, a huge headache, he will have to saw around the cabinets, that is why my husband wanted to go with a LVT floating floor or alterna if the grout could tolerate slight unevenness. If we sell within 7-8 years, it would help the resell of the home I am sure if we take the levels of flooring out, unless it goes commercial then it really doesn't matter...we are on 10 acres between 2 parcels which are for sell as commercial use.
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    You do not want to install Porcelain tile directly onto plywood. You will need a tile-backer also. Where would you use "sheet rock"? What the heck is that all about? Porcelain tile will easily last twenty years and more, vinyl tile not so much.
  4. prvolunteer

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    I meant cement board sorry

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