Mannington Adura Max - Phthalates?

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    Have found very little information on the inclusion or absence of ortho-phthalates in this line. Mannington does promote their floorscore certification, which they sent me, which is great, but they don't advertise anywhere that I've seen whether or not they use phthalates. Some brands make it apparent that they no longer use this, but some say nothing.

    I really like the look of this product, so far more than other samples I've received. My biggest concern with vinyl plank flooring is the safety regarding hazardous materials/gasses, so I've been trying to research different brands and whether or not they have floorscore certification and whether or not they use phthalates.

    I called Mannington, they sent me their floorscore certification and a document stating that they do not use phthalates. However, this is basically just a Word doc that someone typed up and made a pdf from. The grammar, punctuation, etc. is all odd, just doesn't seem very legit. Will try to upload what I was sent. Should I be concerned?

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    Even branded documents can be fake, but I prefer relying on literature that carries the manufacturer's or distributor's brand. @Commercial Floor Rep works closely with Mannington, so I hope he will be able to shed some light on this.
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  3. There are no orthophthalates in Adura Max or any Mannington resilient products. Phthalates are used to make vinyl products flexible. Adura Max is a rigid product. Kind of like PVC pipe - no phthalates.

    To be clear orthophthalates are a sub-class of phthalates that have been found to have possible health implications. Again, Mannington does not have any in their flooring products. However, there are still phthalates (also called plasticizers, esthers, or oils) in flexible flooring products such as sheet vinyl or traditional LVP / LVT. Not just Mannington's products but the entire industries products. Without them it becomes impossible to make PVC flooring that's flexible.

    Even though these non-orthophthalates have not been linked to health concerns, due to the negative connotation surrounding the term, many flooring manufacturers, including Mannington, are researching other compounds that may some day be able to replace phthalates altogether.

    To demonstrate that this has been ongoing for some time in the industry there's a really good article that discusses phthalates, their use, and the research being done from 2014 that you can read here:

    The Greening of LVT: Mannington, Armstrong, Tarkett and others

    Keep in mind that this article was written before rigid products like Adura Max were even really on the scene to any great extent. So, it's primarily talking about traditional glue down or "first generation" flexible click-lock LVT.

    For what it's worth, sleep easy. Adura Max is a safe product. I would have no problem with the product in my home or letting my kids, grand kids, or pets live on an Adura Max floor.

    Hope that helps and wish you the best with your flooring project.
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    I eat CoreTec for breakfast and Adura Max for lunch and im just fine...
    the respirator in the avatar.. well thats for febreze!
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    As someone who has been installing for quite some time now, I do my 100% best to avoid products like vinyl that do not state "Phthalates free". My personal rule of thumb is if they don't tell you explicitly up front, then there's a 99.99% chance of they are in there. If it's not stated like that in the description I avoid.

    Personally feel with the way it's already been progressing, Phthalates could be the next big "thing" in the upcoming decade. Kind of like the baby powder & talcum
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