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  1. csfurlong84

    csfurlong84 Member

    I am going to experiment with making splines today for my bamboo floor install. My question is which type of wood do the professionals use to make splines? Thank you.

    Installing 1/2 Home Legend Strand Bamboo
  2. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Administwative Asst. Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I usually used some scrap boards from the install. Cut a 1/4" slice, and then approx 3/8" width. You need to check the fit on whatever product you are working with, as they all can vary.

    I have seen guys rip 3/8" from 1/4" ply (not luan). What you can buy commercially is often pine or fir. Use glue to put it in the groove of the solid side.
  3. Hanover Fist

    Hanover Fist Pro Member

    I would always use scraps of the same wood I am installing to ensure equal expansion and contraction.
    Mixing woods is bad mojo - it might be over cautious of me - it might not.
    I see no gain in risking it - only added expense.

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