Maintaining Battery Life of a Floor Scraper

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  1. In the interest of the Batteries and always trying to learn I had corrosion on some terminals. Originally I sprayed a film on it that I got looking at a golf cart store. Think it thinned out after sitting for 5 years.

    So my batteries are lead acid type, needing distilled water periodically, when charging these things offgas bad, I mean bubbling(also explosive hydrogen gas) so I was getting low on water/electrolyte not wanting to go below the plates due to damage when charging. I noticed the corrosion, didn’t know it means some things other than needing cleaning. This applies to a car/truck etc so learning it is relative.

    My batteries passed the 5 year mark, not bad as I hear this is toward the top of longevity, I’d like another two. They’ve been charged over 50 times, not much considering the cycles they’re rated for.

    Anyway, not sure if this scraper uses lead acid or AGM(advanced glass mat) which may not need maintenance or not even sure if terminals could corrode, it’s just about maintaining battery life on a scraper. I also kept my machine air conditioned from the start of new batteries as heat reduces life. Always kept it recharged after use, not let it sit low of charge. My purchase of this machine was dead batteries due to sulfation where the plates corrode. I wanted new batteries anyway to start to be at optimal performance.

    Unsure of advancement in battery technology in 5 years but the window for research on renewing them is open so it won’t be a surprise when they default.

    Here’s a good explanation of what occurs to even car batteries. Other sites seeming knowledgeable appear to be “incorrect” in their theory.

    Here's The Deal With That White And Blue Crap On Your Car's Battery Terminals

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