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Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by Abby TX, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Abby TX

    Abby TX New Member

    I am considering removing the tile in the kitchen and other flooring in the house and replacing it with LVT. I don't like cleaning tile grout but I need a waterproof, pet proof flooring with 2 large dogs. I like Southern Traditions LVT the color is Bolivar Wave. I haven't seen any reviews for this product so I'm very hesitant to buy it for 3000 sq ft. Does anyone know anything about this flooring?
  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Only thing that comes close to those requirements is ceramic or Porcelain tile. LVT isn't big dog proof and, although each tile or plank might be waterproof, the subfloor under it, where water will seep through the edges, may not be.
  3. Abby TX

    Abby TX New Member

    My subfloor is a concrete slab. I don't plan to have standing water just drips and spills in the kitchen. The salesmen have all said it would hold up. Do you think they are wrong? I sure don't want to make a big $ mistake!
  4. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    ...and dog drool, considerable spill-over around the water bowls, the occasional accident involving urine and puke. You've had dogs how long? Don't kid yourself.

    Do the salesmen have dogs? Do they have any knowledge about the actual product they are selling? I tried to look up "Southern Traditions LVT" and got bupkus. Southern Traditions is a hardwood flooring manufacturer. It's possible some disreputable LVT/LVP importer is stealing the good name to appear legit. I don't know. Who is selling that product? Have a link?

    We have some great retailers here at TFP and I dealt with several during my 35 years as an installer (and part of that time, I was a retailer/salesman), so I know there are some good ones out there. But unfortunately, there are too many bad retailers and salespeople with no quality flooring experience or training.
  5. Mike Antonetti

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    The grout thing, yup, my dislikes as well. The Portland grout soaks in stains, holds dirt, and there's really no equipment for a homeowner to keep clean like the new equipment on carpet cleaning trucks.
  6. Incognito

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    LVT/LVT when properly installed over concrete isn't going to waterPROOF but I would consider it highly water resistant. AND there are finer quality product certainly durable enough for nearly any residential setting. Hell, they put it in supermarkets where they run pallet jacks across every night to load the shelves.

    Your concerns about moisture should focul on moisture vapor from the ground/earth passing through the concrete and collecting at the surface under the planks/tile and degrading the adhesive and underlayment (patch).

    First step is moisture and alkalinity testing. Then you need to create a near perfectly smooth and very flat substrate. Think that's going to be cheap? Typical glue down vinyl is 2MM or 3MM of plastic (vinyl is plastic) so any imperfections show through and ugly any nice effects of the colors and patterns.

    So just keep those factors in mind when you compare vinyl to tile to wood products. There's a lot of hidden costs and risk factors to take into consideration beyond JUST material pricing. My best advice it to avoid low end products. They're not worth it.
  7. Just taking a look around on the internet a bit, because I'd never heard of the product you mentioned. It appears Southern Traditions is a hardwood company who are importing a line of LVP. Pretty common with the explosive popularity of that category. Because the category is taking market share from carpet, wood, laminate, and porcelain tile many of the manufacturers of those products have added an import line to shore up their business.

    Now, I know nothing about Southern Traditions or their products. For all I know it could be a great product. Just giving some feedback on why it's not easy to find information. It's most likely a private labeled Asian import being made for Southern Traditions.
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  8. nottoorich

    nottoorich Consumer of Information

    Consumer here, not a pro. I too have 2 big dogs. My foyer is 6" light colored quarry tile with a dark grout. This stuff is bulletproof. After > 15 years, it looks brand new. I've done nothing to it except sweep it now and then and wipe up muddy footprints. The tiles are flat on top so the grout lines aren't very depressed -- crumbs etc. do not get caught there, tea/coffee/berries don't stain grout or tile, there are no chips ..... Might be worth a thought for you -- not fancy but kind of a retro cool look.
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