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    I just had my Coretec Plus XL Enhanced installed several months ago. I've moved into my renovated apartment and when I walk on the floor barefoot heel first, there are a few areas in which I can feel hollow sounds. For the most parts, the floor feels solid.
    I've narrowed a small area in which the end joint may be broken and the adjacent boards are emanating the hollow wounds when I land on them. However, if I put one foot on the presumed defective end to stabilize it, I don't hear sounds on the other boards when I step on them with my other foot.

    Should I have that board replaced? It's in the middle of the living room and right now I don't care if the new replacement board is glued down. USFloors sent me an instruction on how to remove a board in the middle of the room and she said a handy person can handle it but I'd rather hire someone who knows what they are doing. My contractor subbed the job out and I don't want to deal with him anymore.

    Is there someone who works in Manhattan and can come do some repairs? I think I have at least several boards that need to be replaced and glued down. Some advice and recommendations needed.
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    There's a vertical void underneath that area I believe if I interpret it right, so that would have to be filled underneath with ?

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