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Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by Mike66, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Mike66

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    I am getting ready to install 600 sq ft of Lifeproof LVP in my house. I have attached a layout pic for reference. In the pic, I have a red X to show where I plan to start and brown lines to show the runs. The amount on hand is enough to cover the great room and short hallway along with the attached closets. However, I plan to put this same product in my master bedroom and kitchen/dining room. If possible I would like to run into those rooms without transitions. Is it feasible to run through the entrance of these rooms a short amount and tie into it later? Any guidance would be much appreciated! layout.png
  2. kylenelson

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    It’d be pro level hard, if not impossible. Easiest solution to your problem is to change direction of the planks
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  3. Mike66

    Mike66 New Member

    Thanks for the reply kylenelson. I think we have decided to turn the direction and start at the bathroom on the left. Then we will place transitions at the master doorway and kitchen doorway.
  4. Mike66

    Mike66 New Member

    Since we have decided to turn the boards to run vertical in the great room, we will approach the rectangular floor vents from the side, instead of the end. I could foresee the plank hitting it dead center. Is it standard practice to add a short piece from the other side of the vent to the wall as long as it is greater than the min length? Or should I try to space it so I end up notching two consecutive planks?
  5. kwfloors

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    I don't pay too close attention to vents, mostly just walls and such.
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