LVP- glue cork floating planks?

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    I had a contractor install LVP (coretec plus) with cork backing in my basement. It’s click lock free floating. The install looks good visually, but in some spots I hear the hollow clicking sound and feel a slight depression meaning the plank isn’t flat to the ground.

    The contractor came back to see and agreed, he said he would prefer to pull it up and glue it back down. I asked if he checked if it was level beforehand and he said it was level enough to standards. I didn’t argue with him, but I’m thinking maybe it isn’t level enough if every plank isn’t flat to the ground.

    I have no preference on technique other than wanting it done right and for it to last without issue for at least a few years. Do you think I’d be okay to let him do the glue down approach or should I insist they do leveling work on the floor and install as free float as it was intended?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Graeme

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    Nope, don't glue it down, you will compromise the floating floor system. You might need more confirmation on "level enough"... it sounds like he may not have flattened the substrate sufficiently.
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  3. Mark Brown

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    Long story short
    If it moves it isn't flat...enough
    That's what the instructions should say

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