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Discussion in 'Help Selecting the Best Floor Covering' started by Mac613, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Mac613

    Mac613 New Member

    Planning to replace floors downstairs (about 900 sf) in coming months.
    Currently have engineered hard wood, 11.5 years old. The floors did not stand the test of time (but I was raised in in PA in an older home where we just wiped linseed oil on the planks, and all was good).
    Currently live in Charleston, SC. Obviously a high moisture area. House on slab. Have dog and 5yo.
    Friends tell me that they love their high end laminate, but I am reading on this forum that it is crap (that is how I feel about my engineered hardwood that could not even be sanded once despite what I was told when we laid it).
    I would love a solid product but seems like all that is available to me within reason on slab is bamboo, and I don't like the look. I priced tile, but it was more than 5K for just kitchen and half bath (<500sf) so i thought that was a bit much.
  2. SteveG

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    (GOOD) laminate has its place. It's appropriate to use in an area that you won't see moisture. It's less likely to scratch up than other surfaces. The larger problem I see is CHEAP laminate. I like engineered wood or LVT for the area you are describing. Someone else can speak to the viability of bamboo - we don't deal in it at all. We do have a display floor of strand bamboo installed in our showroom: it's warped and the seams are buckling - it looks terrible. When people come in asking for bamboo I just walk them over to it and when they see what it's done they drop the bamboo idea entirely. In a high humidity environment it might be different though.
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  3. Mac613

    Mac613 New Member

    Thank you. Between engineered HW and LVT, which would you choose? Also, in your opinion, what is the minimum thickness of the hardwood such that I would definitely be able to sand it at least once, 3-4mm?
  4. Incognito

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    I had and enginered wood floor in a corridor of my other house for over 25 years. Never did a full SAND AND REFINISH. But I was able to SCREEN AND RECOAT every 5 years or so. I sold the house recently and did one last doctoring up of the wood------light sanding, putty and a couple coats of urethane.

    Like laminate and all other flooring manufacters have Good, Better and Best grades of products. And there are of course, Bad, Good, Better and Best brands/manufacturers to begin with. I'm curious what quality of wood you bought and what sort of care it was given. The finishes on today's products can be incredibly durable----like real Space Age stuff. I do entirely commercial work and I see products that can stand up to serious abuse. It's hard for me to believe you can't get an engineered product that would serve your needs. Let's see if some of the retail/residential guys who handle wood can't give you better options than vinyl.
  5. Hanover Fist

    Hanover Fist Pro Member

    If you're in Charleston, you may want to look into heartwood - its local Georgia grown pine, so it's softer than an oak, but its humidity resistant, and I've seen tons of it around the Savannah/HHI area.
    It's also inexpensive, and can be refinished, making it a 50+ year floor. It's also local product and can give that Charleston 'charm'.

    Outside of that, have you considered a wood-look tile? That's going to be nearly bulletproof, and if a tile fails/breaks, you replace the tile, not the whole floor.

    I live in Charlotte, but worked flooring in the Savannah area for a couple of years.

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