lino or pvc???

Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by hookknife, May 6, 2006.

  1. FloorCraft

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    I'd love to agree with ya Hooknife but I really thought there was a noticeable difference between the Forbo and the Armstrong (DW).:)

    While the Armstrong seemed more pliable it also seemed less dense or something. Cheaper, I guess.

    I'm not just speaking of the material we pulled out from under the chairs. I'm referring to the original install.

    We had just finished a jewelry store with Forbo about a week prior to the Doctors office. So I feel I had a reasonable opportunity to compare.

    Perhaps one was fresher than the other or a half dozen other variables.
  2. hookknife

    hookknife Hard Surface Installer Charter Member Senior Member

    Yea floorcraft, could be a fresher roll, i have noticed for example even forbos dual is stiffer than thier fresco or real, dont know why, they are all 2.5 Maybe the dlw (armstrong was 2.0??):D Either way i like it better than corlon,lol
  3. Peter Kodner

    Peter Kodner Inspector Floors Charter Member Senior Member

    Was always mad ein several gauges. Krommenie (not sure on spelling) is another old time manufacturer. They were making a white for drafting board surfaces for years. I think there is also a maker in Ireland or England- the memory is getting poor- almost 8 years since I was involved in selling.

    For my two cents, give me PVC anyday, easy as pie to install. Can fix goofs real easy with some heat (used to use soldering iron with a flat foot). The rod melts in real nice.

    It is also a great profit center to have a good commercial inlaid mechanic. Can make money with them all day long and resilient guys seem to be able to work into their 60s without any of the knee and back injuries carpet installers get.
  4. hookknife

    hookknife Hard Surface Installer Charter Member Senior Member

    Krommenie, Sweden, Swiitzerland, is where forbo gets thier lino:) Now that you mention it, i do remember hearing that there is some difference in the drying methods between some of these plants and that may have something to do with the stiffness issue:D

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