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    Dan contacted NOFMA, and they said they want people to read this but, they want you guys to read it on their site,, I can understand, so, here it is,,

    after you read it, please discuss your thoughts please?

    thank you

    NOFMA : Newsletter : Industry : Wood Flooring
  2. selvalee

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    let me start,
    Imports are never the same size,,, they mixed the different grades,,,, the cull rate is, get this, 15%,,,,, the source for this is from someone at a carpet mill who imports a lot of their wood,,

    so,,,, think of all the boards you guys are culling out, have any of you ever ran out of wood on a job? but 15%???????

    now think, around me, there is a used car dealer who is now also a wood importer, a non trained or non certified interior designer is now a wood importer... get the idea? and they have not been paying taxes so real dealers of good products not only complete against inferior products but also cheap products who do not have to pay taxes like American manufacturers.
  3. Dan Schultz

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    I've read this several times and every time I think, "It's about damn time!"

    Lee, while in Memphis next week see if you can learn which countries the majority of these materials have come from. Also ask about American mills importing products with thier names on it, which if so, will bring up the question about the printing on the box.........does it say made in country X?
  4. selvalee

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    I already know the answer to this,,,
    the China mills have huge warehouses full of the major brands, many who say they use American wood but do not,,, there is one in TN. in Johnson City,,,, they are big in the NWFA,, of course, the real bigs ones I am sure are over there, no secret I understand that the Armstrong wood companies are importing all their wood, or so I HAVE been told,,

    they are laughing at the treaties that prevent cutting of the rain forest in Africa,,,
    and, the big American companies importing this "stuff" can get it cheaper from there if they don't have to pay the duties,,,, America wood jobs going, cheap wood that is inferior, and cheating the American taxpayer,,
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  5. selvalee

    selvalee No one special Senior Member

    I guess I stated my opinion?

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