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Discussion in 'Floorcovering Installation & Maintenance Tips' started by harwood, May 19, 2017.

  1. harwood

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    I was just wondering if anyone know's how to clean the welding tip's really good. I tried a wire brush and it did ok but it still looks old and gunky. Is there anything I can let it soak in that can remove all the stuff inside the tip and shine it up a bit.

  2. Chris 45

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    I use metal pipe cleaners and a wire brush. If you do it while the tip is hot, all the crud comes out easier.
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  3. harwood

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    Oh yes I do the same with the pipe cleaner but its just so caked on, it would take me forever to clean it......just thought there would of been an easier way. Thanks for the response
  4. Mike Antonetti

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    I don't know what's on the tip or if the weld is vinyl, but Acetone will dissolve vinyl.
  5. harwood

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    Its mostly mondo weld Mike. I was thinking let it sit in vinegar for a bit since it is a acidic
  6. Mike Antonetti

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    I don't think it's strong enough or affects vinyl, but stronger acid then attacks the metal. I cleaned cement off a magnesium float with some strong acid but the metal pitted, like craters, sure did clean the cement residue, turned into trash.
  7. FlooringFashions

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    Wire brush on a drill or die grinder. Sounds like you need more power not chemistry.
  8. If you get the big stuff out when it's hot you can use a dremel tool with a brush like the ones on the bottom right in the picture. They will fit through the tip.

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