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Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by KatieMollie, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. KatieMollie

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    I had a couple questions maybe you could help with. I just ordered the mannington luxury vinyl sheet at the middle level. I asked if I could put it down over new plywood and they told me to get luan for underneath. Also they told me gluing all over was the best bet. Is that the best option? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Mark Brown

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    gluing it down is the "best" option to be certain however that statement is a little loaded. If you are attempting to do this yourself it can cause a little bit of struggle. As for luan I don't personally like it but it does happen, again not your best bet. Look into an approved apa underlayment rated plywood.

    How big of an area are you looking to do?? Where in your home?

    Here is a link to Mannington installation guideline's
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  3. KatieMollie

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    Thanks for your prompt response Mark! I will look into that plywood you mentioned. The area is a 12x15 kitchen.

    It's a ranch house, here is the kitchen floor dimensions...

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  4. Mark Brown

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    if your "new plywood" is indeed new plywood and in decent shape I couldn't "professionally" suggest it to you but as a fellow who maybe did it in his own house ( a professional who is lazy and cheap when it comes to the home fort) you could fill any depressions, voids and seams in your ply and look into their release install method. However given the cost I would strongly recommend a plywood.

    Loose lay in kitchens is never a good idea because of appliances, toe kicks and a lot of areas that end up with exposed edges I find.

    Looking at your layout I would have to strongly suggest underlayment, it is 4 sheets and evenjoy at an rediculous cost of 40 dollars a sheet (way too high by the way) you aren't out much
  5. Jim McClain

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    Check your tape measure again. You can't cover 136.5 sf of floor with 128 sf of material, even if all your cuts were perfect. That's either five 4x8 sheets, or nine 4x4 panels. There will be some waste. All the grain pattern should go in the same direction.
  6. Mark Brown

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    Good call there sir, good call. Typical sales pitch eh? :)
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