Lack of under floor ventilation

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    Had an interesting one the other day
    Had to replace Karndean vinyl planks as they had gone green and all shrunk
    The plywood which had been down for about 20 years was cold, anything cold to me is wet
    On further discussion with the owner he laid laid ply on top of 4x2s over an old underground water storage tank used as a deck which supplies the house with water from the roof
    This shows you need that underfloor ventilation The reading was taken two days after the vinyl planks were lifted

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  2. We have problems here in Indiana with the Amish doing things like this. I had one where they did this over a newly poured concrete slab in the whole home. I still can't figure out what they thought they were gaining instead of just installing over the slab directly once it was cured.

    Never-the-less, within about 4 months there was mold growing out of the plywood and through the joints in the floor. The adhesive all turned to mush.

    Had another one recently in an Amish home where the owner "engineered" his own radiant floor heat system using 1/2" pipe and roof flashing. Might have been ok had he not decided to only run one run of pipe under every other floor joist. They tend not to use thermostats and they fire the boiler with wood so you've literally got an uncontrolled temperature situation. In this job though, they laid porcelain tile. The extreme temperature differences by only doing every other joist busted the tile to pieces.

    They very seldom have anything inspected as they don't "participate in English society" until they get caught doing the work or are forced to, so it's pretty scary to consider some of the homes they build. The building inspectors in the areas where they have large communities have to be half crazy.
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    That’s funny. We have opposite problem here. The Amish are doing the super high end homes and the meth/pot heads are the ones cutting corners.
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  4. I've stood on job sites and watched them frame houses. Not a tape measure or level in sight and everyone believes they are "craftsmen" of the highest quality.

    Not all of them are like that but the majority in our builder market right now seem to be that way.

    It's kind of sad really. I went to school with many Amish and they're made to quit school the minute they turn 16 and start working. They are really good people just don't get much opportunity to grow to their full potential. The girls are even worse. They start getting pressure to quit school as soon as they get out of junior high.

    The virus hasn't been kind to them at all. They don't believe in it and so they are refusing to wear masks and social distance at all. A couple weeks back one of the communities held a wedding with over 300 in attendance and as a result over 40 of them had to be hospitalized.

    When they hit "rumspringa" (the age they are allowed to choose whether they want to join the church) they go absolutely crazy because they are allowed to make their own choices for the first time ever and they want to "try" everything. Drugs are rampant and they've had huge party's where hundreds of kids are busted for everything from underage consumption to possession of meth, coke, heroin and about anything else you can think of. It's pretty crazy to say the least.
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