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Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by dianna912, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. dianna912

    dianna912 New Member

    I have searched for information on Karndean's Korlok and QuickStep LVP. I can't find reviews on either. Have you all had any experience? We have two dogs, who like to run around. This is for a basement, around 400 sq ft, so not a big job. I am waiting on Karndean samples. We have also looked at Flooret. I love the customer service there, but the designs at this point haven't captured my heart. I really like the quickstep, but with no reviews, and no full room pictures, it'd be a gamble. The quickstep we like is Natural Cavern Oak.
  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    I'm sorry you haven't received a reply yet. Korlok is a relatively new product, so many of us may be unfamiliar with it. However, Karndean has a good reputation. I have one of their LVP floors in my bedroom and love it. Korlok looks like an interesting and innovative product.

    Quick Step is also a reputable company, but I can't say much for their website. No search feature. :( I installed Quick Step too long ago to be able to offer much commentary on their flooring, but it has had some favorable comments here on TFP. I do recall that Flooret has been mentioned too, but I don't remember if those comments were positive or negative. Sorry.

    I hope my reply to this will bring the topic to the attention of other pros who have more recent experience or knowledge about the products you are interested in.
  3. Matt Lister

    Matt Lister Pro Member

    Unfortunately, it is a relatively new product ( I am still waiting for samples) As Jim said though, if Karndean makes it, you can rest assured that it is a quality product. I have had customer that had Karndean glued LVT down throughout their house except for the bedrooms for 7-8 years, and then decided to pull out the carpet and continue into the bedrooms. The same color was available, and when we tied it all in, you would have sworn it had all been put down at the same time.
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  4. Chris Mha

    Chris Mha Charter Member Senior Member

    I just found out that Karndean just got into the market wtlith Korlok. I am told that it was thrown together pretty quickly as they were missing out on a large part of the market. I expect Korlok should meet my expectations as an installer. Karndean has always produced an excellent product
  5. SteveG

    SteveG Pro Member

    We just got our display from them yesterday. Great looking product, and they're pretty proud of their locking mechanism. 5G apparently means no angle-tap. You drop it in and you're done.

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