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    I talked to Steve today about the class I mention on another thread.
    He said, yes, it is on.
    What he wants to know is, what do you guys want covered besides cork and bamboo?
    As I stated before, he is really the only cork expert in the U.S., there are a few others from brokerage services who had been saying they are, but, guess what? they don't have any experience with cork.
    Next, he is the only inspector who has been to two bamboo mills in China,, so, cork and bamboo.
    Now, would you guys like advance moisture testing for concrete?,,,,
    tell me what more you would like covered? advance investigative tools or examples?
    this will be hardsurface, but not ceramic, stone/marble,,,,, so, we need feedback to set this up to tailor it to you guys needs.

    In addtion, for some of you wanting more advance construction/moisture knowledge in houses, there is a PhD structural engineer who has stated he is interested in teaching an advance class for inspectors,,,,
    so, Steve's class will be either the first of Sept. or the end,

    will need firm "yes interested" from people,

    as to location, NY, see, if he has to travel with it, the cost goes up to cover his expenses,, since we will have to travel to it, lets go ahead to NY, travel cost the same,, save money on class for us, right now, it looks from 500 to 750, that is a lot less than others are charging with only 10% of knowledge, excluding our Mr. Tandy of COURSE!!!

    we have to get this set up, and hear from you guys,,, remember, Steve is also the only inspector who has actually worked with the meter companies, adhesive companies, manufacturers, Am. Concrete Instit., and more. Many inspectors will call up a, lets say, meter manufacturer, ask a few questions, give an example of what they are seeing, then, write on their resume they "work with meter manufacturers", hell, I have called up asking questions and telling them why and how I used the meters, does that make me a meter expert or consultant? HELL NO! but, that is another story,,,

    email me what you want to learn, and I will forward to Steve,

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