It's an honor to work for Krauseneck Carpet One

Discussion in 'Spotlight on Flooring Professionalism' started by Chris Mha, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Chris Mha

    Chris Mha Charter Member Senior Member

    I install for a company in Mt. Clemens, Michigan . Krauseneck Carpet One was honored this weekend for they're commitment to the city. They are also the oldest business in the city at 144 years. It's an honor to install for Ric Choiunard.

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  2. Incognito

    Incognito No more Mr. Nice Guy! I Support TFP Senior Member


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  3. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    Definitely deserving of the Spotlight. Congratulations to them and to you, @Chris Mha.
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  4. Jon Scanlan

    Jon Scanlan That Kiwi Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Sounds good to me
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  5. Chris 45

    Chris 45 Director of P.R. on some deserted island. I Support TFP

    It’s a good feeling when you have a shop that you are proud to work for.
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  6. Chris Mha

    Chris Mha Charter Member Senior Member

    The owner is very fair with myself and my son. Not so much with the carpet crew. But that is their fault. They will try to squeeze every nickle out of a job. I dont care about a nickle or a few buck or ten bucks for that matter. I will install displays in the store at no cost to him. In return I've been rewarded in other ways. Tools that I have spoken of suddenly show up for me. Stuff like that.
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  7. That’s tight, the way it should be or was.
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  8. Roland Thompson

    Roland Thompson Charter Member Senior Member

    Chris, they are lucky to have a great installer as yourself.
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  9. Chris Mha

    Chris Mha Charter Member Senior Member

    Thank you @Roland Thompson
  10. UncleCliffie

    UncleCliffie Charter Member

    It is good to hear about a responsible retailer. My years in retail I tried to gain that kind of respect! Good to know there are a few such retailers around yet!
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  11. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Administwative Asst. Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I had one that I stayed with for the last 15 years of my time on the floor, still hear from them when they have a problem. Have done numerous inspections for them to find out answers. Loyalty is a great virtue.
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