Is this Eddy Scraper worth 180$?

Discussion in 'Tools, Equipment and Supplies' started by Mike Antonetti, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Veered off the road to visit a pawn shop to day, passed about 20, at some point I think they all have high priced junk inside. Been wanting a small orbital scraper, I disconnected the handle plug and the switch near the motor works, so the will be for no handle detail work. I figured the guy would say 100$, but he said 180$. I said I’ll have to see what it’s worth. Came out of pawn in July. I think I’ll start looking for one. It seemed to work well, kinda old, not sure if there’s a better model, saw some green wolff’s @225$

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  2. Mark Brown

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    Man, you buy it and ship it to me for 200 and we will call it a deal. They are a good tool. I paid 1200 for mine new, I would pay 1200 again for a new one that the handle didn't work on if that's what I had to do :)
  3. Mark Brown

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    Also Mike, I'm sure you know but I case you don't the toggle switch needs to be in the on position on the main for the trigger to work on the handle. Again, I bet you know this but it never hurts to be certain.
  4. Yeah, I figured it out. Haven’t used one before. Might try one at a Home Depot rental. Local One had about 4.
  5. SSGNick

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    Superior Scrapers sells the Eddy scrapers as well as Home Depot. Great for Stairs and very small areas
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  6. kylenelson

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    That’s the kind of price that it only has to work well on one job...very little risk to you
  7. Guess I shoulda pulled the trigger. Some stuff I’ve been burned on like an impact gun that rotated but the gear was stripped. Not sure if motor was good for duration, sometimes as it’s going it heats up and smokes. Probably easy to repair exterior/under shroud moving parts. Two counties away I may offer 125 and settle on 150.

    When I went to Home Depot in Spring Hill they had very few items for sale at their rental center.

    Not sure I like the orbital action of the blade, think I want impact forward motion. 3/4 of the orbital motion is all other direction but forward.
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  8. Ripping up vinyl it didn’t cut very well on sides. It was somewhat loose vinyl. So I decided to use a National Equipment blade for their scraper with the wings. Only problem Bolt Holes, there’s none so I had to drill the spring steel. Went through a few new metal bits before realizing somethings wrong, it’s too hard of steel. Didn’t find the best bit at Lowe’s maybe their not geared for metal working. Googled the question and came up with punch it(metal fabricator shop?) tungsten bit? Where to buy, and another guy on utube sharpened a carbide bit for percussion masonry like tapcon. Of course I stumbled upon one. Had to sharpen and drill for at least an hour for 4 holes. Then the idea came to me what if I go to Eddy website and they already make one. Lesson to learn for me is always research if something already exists. Luckily no, so here’s my new scraper blade, learned how to drill spring steel for future modifications.

    Dam thing better improve my efficiency removing sheet vinyl, sheet membrane after I missed schedule for a sheet vinyl removal last week.

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  9. Mark Brown

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    The eddy blows for removal with the wings even, I tossed mine the first day I owned them. Now I just cut vinyl into 4 inch strips (pain in the butt) and leave the flat blade on. Best of luck to you Mike, if anyone can make it better it is you!!
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  10. It’s the forward movement which the eddy is circular motion. Same with a lot of other equipment like the national walk behind for ceramic it does chisel/impact. The National cuts gluedown carpet fine, guess I should’ve judged the National with the side cutters for a sheet vinyl removal. If I run into mapegard I’d like to analyze its process.

    So this is where sharp, forward weight driven equipment prevails. I’m thinking closets, niches etc where larger equipment can’t go, I’m anti 4” scraper.
  11. Mark Brown

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    Me too buddy, me too :)
    Let me know how your side cutters work though!!
  12. Its loaded up and in standby mode. I’ll have to rig the razor scraper for the wall behind if this attachment doesn’t work.
  13. Mark Brown

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    The best tool I have found to date for vinyl removal is the walk behind national. It has the weight to stay on the ground and force those cuts. That or underpaid apprentices...
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  14. kylenelson

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    National 6280 with an 8” scraper blade attached does the trick
  15. Eddy earned his keep today. Perimeter bond vinyl. The adhesive was strong in most areas. Week along a bay window.

    This thing paid for itself already in time saved. I value my work time @ 100$ an hour. (Minimum!)

    They were at TISE but I breezed by. I should tell them to make this blade or just punch out the bolt pattern of Nationals blade.

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  16. Anthony Green

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    What pawn is that??
  17. Why, you near me? Spring Hill. Got a generator I need to pick up in Daytona on lay away.

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