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    [excerpt=Calhoun Times]In a time of floorcovering plant shutdowns, painful layoffs and runaway unemployment, Engineered Floors' 215,000-square-foot carpet yarn plant under construction in Dalton is affirmation the carpet industry doesn’t need its obituary written just yet. Shaw, who built a carpet empire as the co-founder and head of Shaw Industries before stepping down in 2006, hopes the facility will reinvigorate Northwest Georgia’s slumping economy. At the same time, he believes the plant can reignite the entrepreneurial spirit that built Dalton into The Carpet Capital of the World.[/excerpt]

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    Calhoun Times - Despite recent slump Bob Shaw is bullish on the carpet industry of Northwest Georgia s future
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    They make a product called DX 32/40/56 for Dixie home, nice texture filament poly

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