Installing (with Glue) Vinyl Plank Flooring for a novice

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  1. GrayGator

    GrayGator New Member

    I have several questions that I would appreciate help with. I want to put some vinyl plank (6"x36") flooring (using glue) down in one of my rooms, which I have never done before. I got the glue and the flooring free and I prefer to do it myself; I recently put laminate flooring throughout the rest of the house myself after a friend helped me get started which turned out good (even though I had never done it before either).

    (1) Can I glue it over the existing flooring (Parquet Flooring)?
    (2) Are there any instructional videos that show how to apply the glue and lay the flooring?

    Any information and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help.
  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Is the parquet smooth, flat and solidly adhered to the subfloor? Any glue-down vinyl flooring will telegraph any imperfections you have in the substrate. If there are any loose spots, then the new flooring will also become loose.
    It would have been nice if you would have told us what the product was and the brand of adhesive. They ain't all the same. Here is a video for generic tile installation, but your own flooring may require different procedures.

    [ame=]Ease of installing glue down vinyl tile - YouTube[/ame]

  3. GrayGator

    GrayGator New Member

    Here are some pictures of what I have:

    Attached Files:

  4. GrayGator

    GrayGator New Member

  5. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Administwative Asst. Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    It appears you have a vinyl plank to install. The adhesive you have is for a wood plank, see below. The link to the flooring you provided does not show any vinyl plank, so it is hard to give any advice. Do you have any more info on the plank?
    Mapei Ultrabond ECO 980

    Available in 3.5 and 5 Gallon
    Professional Urethane Wood-Flooring Adhesive
    Ultrabond 980 is MAPEI’s 100%-solids, moisture-cure urethane adhesive recommended for mainstream wood-flooring installations. Ultrabond 980 ’s formulation is perfectly suited for traditional engineered and solid wood flooring up to 3-1/2" (8,9 cm) in width and 3/4" (19 mm) in thickness. Easy to trowel, Ultrabond 980 exhibits quick grab to hold planks in place during installation, yet provides enough slip time to perfectly align wood.
  6. Incognito

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    This is the type of glue you need.

    W.W. Henry Flooring Adhesives - Product Listing

    It's hard to say what's available in your area for a reasonable price. There are plenty of good brands and different plank makers all want you to use their specified adhesive(s)

    It's always a good idea to research what adhesive the manufacturer will warranty and/or recommend although it's a controversial subject amongst "experts" in the trade as to how, when, where and why substitution of a cheaper or favored brand is cool.

    It's almost certainly not a good idea to lay a glue down vinyl over parquet. I've done it though with no problems. Some of the planks nowadays have quite a bit of "texture" in the surface layer that makes the overall installation a little less subject to miniscule imperfections in the substrate. If the parquet is near perfect it's hard to imagine why you want to bury it under vinyl. Discoloration, loose spots, gaps, voids, cracks or unevenness can be a big problems depending on how severe. We used to lay over lots of strip hardwood floors by pasting down a layer of felt paper. Depending on how thick and what's under the parquet you may not be able to nail, screw or staple plywood underlayment easily.

    I looked and didn't find any really helpful videos on vinyl planks. Snap a line. Spread the glue------consistently with no puddles, globs or voids. Let the glue "tack up" enough that there's no slip sliding around or any glue oozing as you lay, kneel and walk. Cutting is pretty easy, especially on a straight wall that gets base. If you need some complex, scribed fitting that doesn't get base you might need some more direction. Just ask.
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  7. GrayGator

    GrayGator New Member

    Thanks for the replies, I talked to the people at Lowes and they gave some good tips also. Thanks again.

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