Installing LVP with builtin cork backing over concrete

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    I would follow the directions on the flooring your installing or call their tech line and ask them. I have used 6 mil visqueen from the local hardware store for basement laminate floor jobs with good results. That way I can get bigger sheets of it to cover more area at a time than that blue hawk plastic.
  3. I'm not a big fan of applying paintable or roll-on products to concrete unless they are necessary. If for some reason you decide to put an adhered floor down later, all this stuff becomes potential bond breakers for the new flooring down the road and you now have a lot of work removing it.

    The Bluehawk product or as KW suggested 6mil Visqueen would be the better choice in my opinion as those are not adhered to the subfloor.
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    Visqueen is cheap and does a fine job

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