Installing luxury vinyl plank over existing hardwood and vinyl floor

Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by Rain, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Hi all,

    I am glad to find this forum. I had been reading up posts for a couple weeks now and they have been all very educational.

    We currently live in the NW so we get a lot of rain but not much sun. We just bought a new house and planning to redo the flooring on downstairs (foyer, family room, bathroom, dining, kitchen, nook and hallway) comes to a total of 600-700 sf. I am pretty sure the subfloor is just wood. We are the second owner of the house, and I don't think the previous owner done any flooring work on the house in the last 8 years. So whatever the flooring is right now just came with the house.

    We had a couple flooring company guys came out and did a quote for us earlier this week. They suggested to tear down the existing carpet in the family and dining room, remove the hardwood floor in the foyer, and peel off the vinyl on kitchen, nook and hallway. Then prep the floor to lay the click vinyl planks on top.

    And last night I had a general contractor took a look our house and he gave me another cheaper option to do the floor. Instead of tearing down the whole downstairs, he would just remove the carpets and remove the metal strips and apply a layer of plywood to match the heights of the hardwood and vinyl. Once get everything aligned, he just put the vinyl planks on top. I haven't got the quote back, but it sounds like we could save quite some money on the install if we go this route.

    My question is: Other than the risk of the current vinyl and hardwood floor not being leveled enough to install the vinyl planks properly, is there any down side of this approach?

    The vinyl plank we are looking at is Armstrong Luxe rigid core Empire Walnut - Flint Gray vinyl planks.
    Empire Walnut - Flint Gray | A6411 | Luxury Vinyl

    I am totally new on flooring. So any feedbacks are welcome. Thank you!
  2. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    The floor guys are right. Adding layers is somewhat foolish unless it needs it. Would a regular contractor install underlayment properly? Doubtful. What does Armstrong say about going over hardwood? I looked a bit, it says suspended, fully adhered? Whatever that means.

    You may need an underlayment throughout but I'd max it at 3/8", not trying to add the thickness needed to match hardwood.

    I'm demoing @600 ft ceramic Monday, customer asked about filling in living room with plywood over concrete, just plain bad idea, but the master bath is fine with tile and that rigid core material going over top.
  3. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Appreciate your feedback. You got us thinking and we decided to let the floor company do our floor properly instead.

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