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    This thread (the sticky topic "Links to Install Instructions") spun my head! And even if I took the time to read all of that, I know for a fact that experience in the field and 'tricks of the trade' are also part and parcel to the 'Installation Guidelines.' I've learned of 'off-the-books' tricks from reps and techs, while developing a few of my own.
    As for DIY'ers, the best I've ever seen installed are adequate at best.

    As for DIY priced materials? I've encouraged my peoples to not sell labor with those products. Not-A-One installer wants to be on the hook for such low quality material!!!! Hence, the DIY sales pitch.

    So, do we have a up-to-date compilation yet?
    y'all are fantastic!

  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    Yep, it can be a head-spinner alright. ;) When Elmer first started the topic, he thought it would be a good idea to make it a sticky topic and continue to add only links to official installation instructions (that's why I moved your reply to this new topic). The "Search This Topic" feature can be used to find the information necessary most of the time, but this vBulletin forum software (currently in use as of this post) is not very search friendly. Earlier today I searched for IVC, which is mentioned in the very first post, couldn't be found. The new software coming in the near future will be much better, I'm sure. I may also split the topic up into categories for various flooring types.

    I go through some of the posts occasionally to test links. I've had to fix several of them. Because some websites frequently change without providing proper redirect code so that old links land on the new locations, I have downloaded the PDF files and stored them on TFP and including a link to the main website where they originated. A number of the guides have been updated too, so I edit those posts with a link to the latest version of the instructions.

    It's just a little of the work that goes on behind the scenes that most members and visitors don't even think about - except guys like you who recognize it takes a whole lot more to operate a site like this than just posting replies and bitching about lopsided, huge pictures and spelling errors. Those who do understand a little about the workload and fewer still who understand the cost of it all are the ones with that "I Support TFP" badge - and your donations, big or small, are very much appreciated.

    Of course, $$$ is not the only way to help support TFP. We have a lot of members who give of themselves every day, in the form of information and guidance to consumers and other pros. But still, I like to try to wring as much out of every member as possible. I hope that this discussion will lead to even more install links for products not mentioned in that sticky topic. Or a member can report a post for a broken link or any other error.

    Thanks David, for your financial contribution and for your participation on the forums. :good:


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