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Discussion in 'Industry News, Training & Organizations' started by Elmer Fudd, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Administwative Asst. Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Of the many Inspection organizations, which do you find most effective? Which would you recommend joining? Maybe break it down (a) for carpet. (b) hard surface (c) wood.
  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    This topic must have just been over-looked. Maybe it will do better in the inspections forum.

  3. mike fink

    mike fink kING OF THE RIVER Charter Member

    Do you mean inspection brokers ??
    If you do they are all effective in holding you profits down and taking independent out of the words "independent inspector".
    I have been told there is only one inspector org. and that is the NICFI.ORG
    Which I hear is a not for profit assocation.
  4. Floorguy

    Floorguy The Living Dead Charter Member Senior Member

    Who certified the first inspector? That's the org, I want to belong to.
  5. Tandy Reeves

    Tandy Reeves Resting In Peace Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Tim Smith, Benny Wood , Carl Williams, and another fellow I cannot recal his name were the first to start certification schools. Tim is dead, that left me with F.I.T.S., Benny is no longer in the school biz., and Carl Williams has school that is with IICRC. Carl is a good man and I am sure has a good school. I do not know if Tim and Benny or Carl and his partner issued the first certification, but it was amoung the four of them.
  6. Floorguy

    Floorguy The Living Dead Charter Member Senior Member

    But who certified those 3??
  7. selvalee

    selvalee No one special Senior Member

    Mr. Fink,
    NIFIC is indeed non profit, but, they seem to make a lot of money off inspectors by using the promise they will spend the money to promote the inspectors but they never do,, right now, over 125,000 dollars is sitting in someone hands collected from the inspectors,, and the only ones to ever profit or get promoted were/are officers who had/have unlimited entry to the mills but , the mills now no longe allow inspectors to visit to promote their services, so, if you are an officer, you can use that "title" to promote yourself to the ladies at the mills, you can get in, you help collect a lot of money that is never spent on the inspectors,,,

    in fact Mr. Fink, many of us old timers who have been around a long time, go to good (like NOFMA and CTEF) training spending our money, are not allowed to promote ourselves as having taken the time and money to go to those training classes, in other words,,, Inspector # 1 has lots of experience and expensive training , Inspector #2 has little to none and goes to no training, but, in their book, you are not allowed to promote yourself by naming and listing your expensive training,, you must list yourself the same as the inspector who never goes to training classes,,,, in other words, one is certified in wood and tile, the other not, but, both are listed as doing wood inspections,,, how does that sound to yoiu?!!!
    who profits from NIFIC? the officers only,,, the list all inspectors the same no matter what their background or training because they say experience and training is NOT FAIR to the other inspectors who lack the knowledge , smarts and experience to compete with the good ones! so, you think they are for the inspectors? I think not, and where is all that money????? oh well,,,, Mr. Fink,they are just as bad a blight upon the inspection industry as the brokerage services because they enable the dumb stupid bad inspectors to survive in this biz because they do all they can to discredit the good ones, who do you want looking at your work,, an old timer with smarts, experience and training or some carpet cleaner who goes to NIFIC???? and truth is, almost all of them are the carpet cleaning inspectors,,,, NIFIC is just damn bad for the good ones,, they promote dumb, bad inspectors....

    there was a school Tim went to,, back in the early to mid 80s, my friend Gina was there,, in fact, the first inspection text book Tim Smith put together was taken from her class notes,, I can ask her the man's name, I keep forgetting,, R. Miller. Lew M. and a few others were there,,,,
    Ed York had a carpet cleaner's inspection school, no comment,know my opinion about carpet cleaners inspecting anything but a dirty carpet....
    so, as to who certified the first? well, from what I understand, that first class I am talking about was a "joint effort" and there were several of them,,, there were some inspectors back then,,
    now, Steve Toli was one, and one day, the mills told him he had to go get certified! so, he went,, there were others like him and there are still a few who have never been to a certification class out there working,,

    does that help? some of the instructors never wanted to admitt they had been to that class, something about marketing themselves as the "know it all expert" who could never admitt they did not know it all,,, marketing,,, I use to tease Tim about it,,,,
  8. selvalee

    selvalee No one special Senior Member

    Mr. Fink, or Mike, not fussing or lecturing you, just I get upset at NIFIC, not YOU! THEM! NOT YOU!,
    sorry if it seemed that way,,,,, like a bull, wave NIFIC in front of me, watch me go off!
  9. mike fink

    mike fink kING OF THE RIVER Charter Member

    Selvalee -- I hope you a do not get upset after reading this.

    I did a little research after reading your post about the NICFI

    I made a few call today to get info on this group, I called people at the mills,I called 10 inspectors across the country, I contacted the NICFI. I found out the following.

    1- you stated "they have $125,000 in there hands and they dont spend it"
    they have a $20,000 adv. budget for this year, they promote at trade shows, they promote out side the flooring industry, they promote the mfg, they have the only printed diretctory listing inspectors and its sent all over the country.

    2- "inspectors can not go into the mills"
    Yes they can, they just can't go in at the time of there convention because the mills do not want 125+ inspectors coming into there offices over the same two days it disrupts there offices.

    3- As for not being able to promote your self
    I went on to there web site and found names like S. Toli, M. Brown, that are members then I found S.tucker listed and it listed NOFMA,CTEF and a bunch of other things next to your name. That is you or is it not

    4- The NICFI is almost all carpet cleaning inspectors
    Not the truth 54% are Fcits or FITS inspectors.
    45% are IICRC inspectors
    and the rest are ICR inspectors

    5- as for being dumb and bad inspectors
    M.Brown teaches part of the Nofma inspector class.
    S. Toli inspects all over the world and speaks all over.
    Did you say DUMB inspectors and thats just two of there members.
    I spent about 3 hours reserching what you posted and it just dos'nt jell
    Everyone i spoke to had nothing bad to say about this group.
  10. selvalee

    selvalee No one special Senior Member

    1. Answer, the officers go to Vegas,,,, they rent a booth where the officers promote themselves,,,that is the only place you will find them,, please find one ad where they have promoted any inspectors, you will not,, there was a plan once but after Fred Gamble and a few others made a speech last year, it was approved at the convention by the members but then, the officers went into a private meeting after the convention and voted to "study it",,, Mike, there is not one damn ad anywhere promoting the inspectors other than maybe a "listing" in the back in classified ads, if there is any at all, Mike, you were lied to, flat out lied to, there is no program , none at all, oh wait , Richie wanted to run a test program in NY, NY on cable but, that was voted down also since, guess what, Richie lives there and it was for him!,, lets keep on,,,, the 20,000 is for the convention, that is all,,,, there are other directories, Tandy here, FCITS, IICRC, they are on Disk and the net for the ladies to use, the analyst print them out,,
    2. Answer, no, they can not after the convention either, At Mohawk, the manager may let you visit in a room for two or three minutes if they are not busy, since they are always busy, nope, you are not getting in,,,, At Shaw,, unless you are an old hand like me and are not in their doghouse, you are not getting in,, the managers say NO! since I am in contact with them,,, and have been visiting since 1992, they let me in sometimes but others are not allowed in at all,,how do I know this? well, from talking to them about this years ago,,, why and how did they start this? well, because you are right about one thing, the inferior inspectors brought their wives to the convention who went around to the mills with photos of kids and grandkids, and poor mouthing and bad mouthing the inspectors not there,,,,,, very very professional, was it,, that is why the policy started,,, and they decided to continue it year round,,, the last time I went to Shaw,,, I got in but a manager "walked around" with me,,, at Mohawk, two managers told me it is not looked upon as a good thing to even ask these days, the new head of claims at Mohawk does not want inspectors visiting, period, how do I know, from managers telling me and others,, sorry, you were flat out lied to again, which is their favorite past time at NIFIC, they lie to get the money, and lie about promoting and well, lie,
    3. Answer,,Not so in that book you so proudly proclaimed above,,, in the printed directory, nope, they do not want the inferior inspectors to have to be known as, well, inferior,,, there is good and their is bad,,,,
    4. Answer,,,you counted? count at the convention, many have both,,,
    5. Answer "I spent about 3 hours reserching what you posted and it just dos'nt jell
    true" yes, true, but, since both of those guys you just mention are friends of mine, and I just had lunch and dinner a few times a few weeks ago at NOFMA with Mark,,, and Steve and I talk about twice a week, what you say there is true, so, let me say it this way, 95% are trash inspectors who do not deserve to be listed anywher as inspectors,,, now, your research, who did you ask, the people who have a vested interest since they are the ones in control of all that money and want the inspectors to give them more money????? ummmmm, that says it all, and since both of these guys do not want their names on the net, I will pass along to them about this and you and how someone at NIFIC gave this info to you, to mis use,
    well, there are lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots who do not have anything good to say about them, who did you call?
    Answer to this? , again,,,Who did you talk to to get this information? ...the last two bits of info you posted only a few people know, yep, you gave yourself away there bud, so, which of the vested interest did you talk to? As I said, to post that about those two, you had to have been talking to one of about two people,,, Mr. Fink, in the past you have displayed an independent nature,,, why are you being a blind follower of such people, you are being used and, abused,, trying to bring me down or prove a point,, sorry dude, you have been and are being used,,, why are you letting yourself be used like this? Brownie points? Let me tell you a little secret, the first time you speak out, they will not know your name,,, let me tell you a little something more, I was there at the beginning of this trash organization and even helped by suggestions and supporting them,,, so, I know these people, and dude, you are being used,
    And, for that reason, end of discussion since you are being a used mouth piece for cowards who will use you and hid behind you,, ask yourself one question, why are they not speaking out but are telling you lies to post instead of them??????

    last, do you know Mr. Tandy here, they use to bad mouth him all over the place and use to brag about trying to run FCITS out of the biz when they started, they use to come to Dalton, go to FCITS just trying to start a fight, then, go to the convention bragging about how they got asked to leave their offices and say bad things about them,, and try and try to cause trouble for FCITS back then,, then at the conventions they would all gather round the officers telling each other it would be any day that they bring down that organization so they could start getting work they could not get because they were too damn sorry to get work on their ablity,, and were not members of FCITS but were damn carpet cleaning inspectors,,, now, since a lot of inspectors are with FCITS,, how does that sound like being for the inspectors? damn Mr. Fink, you do not even know anything at all about how they have acted and done in the past,,,,, and you want to defend them? gee, I got to stop,

    sorry, but, when I think of the money they have taken from us with the promises not kept, the lies, the self promotion at our expense, how two of the officers used their position and contacts being officers gave them to start a brokerage service stealing money from our fees, or lowering our profits, that is so unethical, and to have an installer defend them who are always blaming the installers because of their lack of knowledge, skills and training, well, that is like waving a red flag at this ole bull, sorry Mr. Fink, but, I think maybe you don't know the history behind "them and me",,, may I suggest, lets let this drop,, but first, ask Tandy if he is a member, my membership was not renewed but they have not taken it down, ask the other inspectors here, like Herb and a few others, if they are members and if any are, ask them how their services have been promoted in their area ,
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2006
  11. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    Please try to contain your anger. I edited out some of the most inflammatory comments but left more than I feel comfortable with. I don't think anyone here has tried to purposely disseminate false information so please do not continue with that line of thought. If you feel false information is being purposely posted here then please let me know so that I can do my own research into the matter. Thank you for your patience with me and with each other.

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