I'll settle for a bronze metal!

Discussion in 'Flooring Potpourri' started by TwoStar, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. TwoStar

    TwoStar Maybe Three

    Where do you guys get your metals? I need to order some metals that are like bronze-ish.

    I don't wanna order 24 in a tube, either. Just a couple/few. None of the suppliers that I have available to me can help.
  2. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    No bronze metal available at suppliers? What the heck? Do they not have tackstrip also?
  3. rusty baker

    rusty baker Well-Known Member

    I havent seen anything but gold metal for probably 10 years.
  4. polestretch

    polestretch Senior Member

    I have had a few requests for aluminum, and one for nickel!:yesss: No bronze!:ohno:
  5. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    Pretty much silver and gold here
  6. Darol Wester

    Darol Wester Charter Member Senior Member

    We use to be able to get it pretty much whenever we wanted 8-10 years ago. Then, it just seem to vanish for some reason. It was good for lots of situations. I do still have a couple pounds of drive screws for it.:hu:

    Would like to find it again. I do remember it wasn't cheap.
  7. TwoStar

    TwoStar Maybe Three

    We need to make a conscious effort to get away from gold and silver. They are so...so...70's.
  8. nimrod

    nimrod Pro Member

    agreed...but whats the alternative??we can only use what our suppliers handle.there are other materials available but usally special order and $$$$.
  9. TwoStar

    TwoStar Maybe Three

    I know...I meant as an industry, not the TFP guys making a stand. :D
  10. Barry Carlton

    Barry Carlton I Support TFP Senior Member Published

    Yey!!!! I really want to carry 5 or 6 colors of metal on my trailer. I carry every profile of both the gold and silver and a couple of the nickle and hammered bronze.

    We've gotta draw a line here guyz!!
  11. nimrod

    nimrod Pro Member

    I know what you mean. I wish I had a dollar for everytime a customer said they didnt want a metal. But then when I explain if you make/use any kinda of wood edging it has to be thick enough so it doesnt spilt or crack, then they say its a tripping hazard.:rolleyes: I say lift your feet!!!
  12. stullis

    stullis Charter Member Senior Member

    Man, I am spoiled. :yesss:
    I feel sorry for you guys who don't have access to any decent suppliers.

    Hanks or Walcro can't get what you want Sean?
  13. Darol Wester

    Darol Wester Charter Member Senior Member

    I was at a job recently where they had metal where laminate met vinyl and the metal had a wood look, the color of the laminate. A new one on me.
  14. TwoStar

    TwoStar Maybe Three

    I'm suggesting we get rid of gold all together. Silver, too. I am just feeling rebellious today.

    OK...I'll just shut up and be happy that I have metals at all.:eek:
  15. cproader

    cproader All over T's last nerve Senior Member

    I'm with ya there Two. Colors should be Bronze, antique gold, brushed alum and chrome. I rarely use silver or gold cause they stink big time....
  16. Ed

    Ed Charter Member

    We use less and less metal as there is less and less vinyl being used in this area. Mostly wood,laminate or tile. When most of the door knobs and hinges were gold we could use the gold metal. Now alot of oil rubbed bronze or brown door knobs are used.
  17. kylenelson

    kylenelson You'll find me on the floor I Support TFP Senior Member

    I hate, hate gold metal. So cheesy looking. Silver is the standard here, but have been using nickle quite a bit. Nickle just looks way nicer to me.
  18. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Silver turns the yarns on carpet black with time. Remember the HPG metal we used to get in the 80's? I found a company when at Surfaces that still makes it. We used that always, it went with everything. We're using 99% gold to 1% silver up here.

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