I would like to buy wool carpeting - how difficult can it be??

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by Gailey, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. nimrod

    nimrod Pro Member

    FYI its not always the retailers that do this, the manufacturers do it also. An example would be what is sold to the big boxes(home depot,lowes) and what we as retailers get.....
  2. David Hunt

    David Hunt Charter Member Senior Member Published

    Knock me over with a feather...{{poof-thump!}}

    The simplistic attitude just expressed is, in my observations through the years, the root source/cause of dissatisfaction with flooring in our time. A typical 'male' simplistic view of fashion, just pick something and be happy.

    Great strategy for males. The problem is, over 85% of all floor covering purchasing decisions are made by women. And, while the view expressed may be a typical male point of view, it is clearly NOT a typical female perspective. To add insult to injury, if your in sales, and you share this belief, make no mistake, your female shoppers pick up on this vibe and it is the number one reason they purchase elsewhere.

    Don't fool yourself, women have a sixth sense men don't, it's called 'feelings' and when they get a 'feeling' about something, it trumps any male logic. Make no mistake, these feelings can work both ways, but, the moment a female shopper believes she has exhausted our patience or exceeded our allocated time limits to make a decision, they are gone.

    As men, we make excuses like, she was too fussy or she just wanted a better price. Now, I understand some who read these words may find what I am trying to share difficult to digest. But, before you reject what I am sharing, I suggest you discuss the subject with some women in your life.

    You know, over the years, many here have been befuddled by the ability of our business to consistently sell products at ten, fifteen, and fifty times more than the national average. They make excuses about our geography, location, regional demographics, etc... All excuses we can prove inaccurate. But, what I can prove, beyond doubt, is, the number one key to our sales success is, we take the time to work with the customer. We cultivate the relationship of a true sales advisor, a personal, one to one, shopping assistant with the sole mission and purpose of helping the customer find EXACTLY what it is they desire. Not something that will match, wear well or fit a price point because those are all fall short in the company of desire. And where does 'desire' come from? It comes from those undefinable feelings!! Embrace this fact of femaleness, and the per unit price of your sales will increase ten fold, reject it and you will be destined to slugging it out with every other entry level retailer on the planet.

    The views expressed in this thread are exactly why our industry is so confused and fiscally impotent. The male dominated side of manufacturing and sales views flooring as a colored building product. While the consumer, repeatedly proven to be over 85% female, view flooring as a home fashion accessory. Hence, the Mars / Venus disconnect between male and female.

    Come on little lady, just pick something and be happy. It's real simple; one, two, three... Meanwhile, any one who has ever shopped for shoes, scarves, jewelry or any fashion accessory with a fashion savvy woman knows, there is nothing simple about feelings or desire. However, and this is the key that most all men miss, the rewards, benefits and joy of fulfilling these desires are beyond measure! Because there is nothing more wonderful than a satisfied woman. Especially if she is your wife or customer.

    With kindest regards,


    PS: Gailey, when you make the move east, the person you need to contact is Michael Church. Michael is a fantastic independent manufactures sales agent who has a handle on everything wool in Ontario & Quebec and assist in sourcing the quality products you desire and I believe Deb & Dave can be of great assistance with delivery/installation. BTW: We are 2 hours south of Montreal and can ship to Canada.
  3. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    Hey Gailey,

    I grew up in Unionville. Ya shoulda seen it in the '70s. The only great thing remaining now is the business district with century old storefronts. Same with Markham. Aurora is, as you say, miles and miles of new subdivisions. It's like that all along the Highway 404 corridor. Did you check out Port Perry? We had waterfront property there for about 8 years, but moved back into the city so the kid would have friends nearby. It's main street is much like Unionville (we call it Unionville Northeast). And then there is Uxbridge, no waterfront, but there are some really lovely homes there and it has a quaint main street, too. Uxbridge is a little north of Stouffville, and Port Perry is north-east.

    If you are to rent out your existing home, do not put an expensive product on the floor, renters are notorious for not giving a crap. A lower price-point nylon will do.

    Feel free to get in touch with us when you get here; we can help you get your bearings. If you are still looking for wool when you get here, I know a couple of Welsh guys in Markham who specialize in woolens.
  4. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    It is not uncommon for some stores, especially those who are part of buying groups like Carpet One and Floors First, to private label products. I believe Home Depot does it too, so if you let us know what store you saw Winners Choice in, we can track it down for you.
  5. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    Wow, such a range of opinions - all great by the way.

    Truth be told, I am much more of a Martian than a Venetian and especially when it comes to shopping, which I hate in all forms. Carpets, shoes, it makes no difference, I loathe it. I'm not about to price shop all over town for something - who has the time for goodness sake?

    So I certainly understood the "Just buy it and be happy" suggestion. But I also know, that I am far from being like most women and can fully see what Dobby (Hiya Dobby :)) is saying and I think he is probably correct about the psyche of most of the world's carpet end consumers.

    I have long since found the value in consulting professionals in forums such as these because the advice you receive is invaluable and I do have a dilema. I will have to make the decision as to which carpet to use before I know if this house is going to sell or not. Judging by the others for sale in my complex, it may be on the market some time. So I guess that's why I am looking for something middle of the road that won't break the bank but will stand up to reasonable wear and tear in the event of us renting it out.

    Deb, your comment about renters is spot on except that this will be an fairly high end rental (I don't know if that will make a difference), no pets, preferably no kids etc.

    For the record, so fed up was I about this whole thing (especially as I had my heart set on Brintons wool), that I walked into a carpet store (Fitz Flooring), because my girlfriend (also my realtor) said they were a local firm and had been around for a long time. They just happened to be next door to Benjamin Moore where I had to go to choose apaint colour.

    I walked around the store and within 20 minutes had picked out 5 samples, arranged for the estimator to call and was done with it. Got home, chose The Winner's Choice II sample, largely based on the colour and the light reflecting characteristics and again, was done with it.
  6. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    Deb, loved Port Perry the most, but it's a potential 45km commute, so am on the fence, largely because Mr Gailey, who has a reasonably quick 30 km commute now still doesn't get home much before 8:00 pm. I might just as well stay here and put wool on the floor, because I would never see him!
  7. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    Fitz Flooring is in Calgary, is it not?

    Not to be a poop, but we have seen high-end rentals absolutely trashed. Don't allow any cats, for sure. Make sure you get a damage deposit.

  8. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    Don't you fret Dobby, I've already worked out the route on MapQuest!
  9. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    Actually, the run from Port Perry to Markham is quite painless, most of the route is rural and there are few slowdowns along the way. We commuted from Port to Markham for a couple of years. There is also a highway extension being worked on right now that will end just south of Port Perry, and will have him home in less than half an hour.
  10. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    Yes it is. Does that help with tracking down Winner's Choice II Deb?

    Yup, know all about cats and damage deposit etc, we have another rental unit in town. Interestingly, my partner in that property (up down duplex) organised the flooring and put a berber on the floor which still looks great 3 years later. But my GF, the realtor, says don't put berber in a high end condo on a lake? What's a gal to do?????

    BTW y'all, if you think this dilema is hard, take a boo at my new thread over in vinyl flooring.
  11. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    Best news I've heard in weeks. That puts PP right back at the top of the list.
    Thank you so much Deb.

    In fact, I think another thank you is warranted to everyone that has offered me advice. I would be more than happy to reciprocate with any gardening advice that anyone might need (that's what I do for a living). Do you have a chat or misc section here?
  12. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Administwative Asst. Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I agree with Dobby 100% if we were still on the original thread of Wool. Use the desire, it can translate into a very profitable sale.

    HOWEVER, we changed topic in midstream, now we are discussing what could become a "rental" home. There is no need for obsession, life is too short.:D
  13. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

  14. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    Heard back from Fitzy this morning, Winner's Choice II is a Shaw proprietary name, not a private label. If you want me to check with the local retailers for availability, I will do so. Port Perry is only 20 minutes from here. :D
  15. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    Hey Deb,

    Actually I'm fine with Fitz. I'm not interested in price shopping around town, but I would like someone more knowledgeable than me to look at the stats (clarity, colour, cut etc. - whoops, that's gems, not carpet). You know what I mean. fibre, tufts per inch etc all that good stuff I don't understand.

    You've been a diamond. I am so looking forward to meeting you. Whereabouts in Port Perry did you live? I showed Mr Gailey your message about the new road and he got much more interested in looking at MLS again.
  16. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    Your carpet issues will get sorted out once you are settled here.

    We were on Pine Point, on the Island. 11 kms from town, we made sure that we picked up supplies on the way home as we were not inclined to go back out in the evenings. Dave had his fishing, I had a humongous perennial garden, we were the last house on a dead-end road, backing onto 40 acres of woods and had another large acreage of wooded lands beside us. Over 200 feet of water frontage, with conservation lands across the lake. We thought we had died and gone to heaven ~ it would have been a perfect empty-nester home, but our daughter was very small and once she had started school we had to import her friends on the weekends since there were no children on the beach that were close to her age. We eventually sucked it up, sold, and moved into a more urban area where she could play with other children in the neighbourhood. Miss it, big time, although we are in a really sweet spot here in Oshawa. (Ed Broadbent used to live on our street.)

    You would do well to look to the West Shore above town, or even on the town view side of the Island. Lots of nice properties, and room for your gardens.

    Highway 407 runs across the top of the GTA and ends at Pickering right now, but the current extension is in development and will end at Simcoe Street, about 10 minutes south of Port Perry. It will eventually link up with Highways 35/115 to the east.

    If you have access to Google Earth, you can view properties from the streetside photos taken and included in their service. All you have to do is search an address.

    Anything else I can do to help, please feel free to ask.


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