I would like to buy wool carpeting - how difficult can it be??

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by Gailey, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Barry Carlton

    Barry Carlton I Support TFP Senior Member Published

    From the retailer/salespersons point of view what you purpose may be more fair. This is because, let's say you want to recover your entire home. Most of it may be carpet and maybe one or two rooms will be tile (a considerably smaller area) they may figure a discounted rate for the smaller areas wit the expectation of doing the entire job. Now, if the consumer sees the itemized price for the tile areas they may only contract for these areas at that price (it is in writing) and maybe move on the another retailer for the carpet. This is where the retailer can and does loose money. Thus the 'package pricing'.

    Now, if you were to take in the individual areas and have them priced separately the end cost may be more, but it would be more fair to the salesperson/retailer who may/probably will discount the total price if they do all or a large portion of the job.

    Does this make sense?
  2. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    Karastan Fifth Avenue Flair - colours

    This is somewhat tricky to do on-line. I did see a set of colour swatches at the store yesterday and although the lady assured me they were current, they bear little resemblance to what I see on-line. I wonder if it's possible that different colours are available in Canada?

    None of the swatches I saw yesterday appealed to me. However, when I look at the website, the following colours appeal to me:

    Ataliere Bisque
    Best Dressed Neutral
    Off White Chic
    Patrician White
    On Accent Khaki

    I need a neutral with a degree of grey in it because I have a large, floor to ceiling fireplace that is travertine in predominantly peach (sounds worse than it is) tones. That's here to stay so I have to have something that won't fight with it.
  3. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    I had to read it twice, but yes, it does make good sense Barry. One thing I neglected to mention which may be at the core of any mis-communication and poorly understood expectation is that I have found Canadians for the most part to be very reluctant to give any direct negative feedback. They will go a million miles before they say "no". Such lovely and polite people!

    When you put this into the context of my buyer/seller situation, although I explained up-front that I wanted to re-floor my house but wanted to consider different options based on cost and suitability etc., for different areas; it would have been so much easier and faster had the SA explained their estimating technique and we could have each adjusted our expectations accordingly and hopefully arived at a mutual compromise.

    Why can't you NA's call a spade a spade like us forthright Brits? :hu:
  4. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Here are the colors you mentioned. See the file names for corresponding color names.


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  5. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Administwative Asst. Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Obviously you NEVER met my sister in law from Windsor!!:rolleyes: She says no in almost every sentance, only it is usually NO!
  6. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    Please see my comments in red

    Thankyou, I am packing up for Vermont as I speak!

    So, in your esteemed opinion, which of the two products would you consider superior? I have quite a narrow threshold into my living area that also comprises of a step down. The step and area immediately in front of it (4ft x 3ft 6") take the brunt of the wear and are severely crushed on the current carpet. I am thinking a low but dense pile would be best suited.

    Thank you for explaining all of this. The Brintons rep kindly did the same. Maybe one of my first questions to a potential supplier ought to be, "show me your Wiltons"!!

    Hardly ever saw a carpet in the UK that wasn't 80/20. Don't think I've seen one here at all yet.

    You are a marvellous resourse Mr Tappet - many thanks :)
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  7. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    Well clearly she must be from Windsor, Berkshire, UK, rather than Windsor, Ontario. Not Princess Ann by any chance. I hear she's quite famous for saying NO!
  8. David Hunt

    David Hunt Charter Member Senior Member Published

    This is may be off topic...but,

    As a young school lad, my sixth grade year was spent at a public school in Sherbrooke, PQ and I still fondly recall the sweet & beautiful Cathrine Boulduc. All these years later and even the thought of her makes me sigh. She was very Canadian, looked fantastic in her tooook {Sp?} and she always said NO!

    She was polite about it, in her Quebec-Quois kind of way, but it was clear, no meant no!...

    Funny thing was, many years later I was in a motor cycle accident in Canada. Injured, but not serious, the ambulance crew was instructed to transport my companion and I some thirty miles south to a hospital in Vermont. During the long ride and conversation that ensued, one of the crew members mentioned he was from Sherbrooke. I immediately thought of Cathrine and asked if he, by some chance knew her? He shouted to the driver, this guy wants to know about Cathrine Boulduc, they both laughed, he said yes, and nothing more. :eek: I still wonder... and can't help but believe someday, somewhere Miss Cathrine and I will meet again. Not in a romantic way, just that we meet some people in life that leave us with such an impression we have to hold out hope to learn 'the rest of the story' before our journeys end.

    Anyhoo, back to the topic at hand.

    Gailey, the respective Brinton and Karastan carpets are impossible to compare equally as one being better than the other. This notwithstanding, it is my professional opinion that the Brinton quality Bell Twist is a better value.

    Hope this helps.

    With kindest regards,

  9. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    And don't forget about the wool/acrylic blend that Karastan does.
  10. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    I thought I would circle back on this thread and just let you know where things stand. You were all so helpful to me.

    Just after Easter my husband announced that he was likely being transferred to Ontario. Ever since then we have been coming to terms with this life changing mood and changing our renovation plans to suit having to sell up and move across country.

    I have not abandonned my wool quest and all I can say about this move is that at least I shall be a damn site closer to Vermont ;) than I am at present.

    I am still faced with having to re-carpet/hardwood the house and am currently getting quotes for a cheqper option.

    Many thanks all.
  11. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    Make sure to tell the sales people your looking to sell, and that you want something that looks nice and presentable to your homes decor. Wear wise down the road should not be a real concern so you could probably go with a Poly.
  12. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    Let us know where in Ontario you are going to end up, we may be able to hook you up with a reputable dealer.
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  13. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    Thanks guys!

    The current favourite is "Winners Choice" by Shaw. If anyone else has another suggestion I would be happy to hear it.

    We will likely be within spitting distance of Markham. How far is that from Vermont?;)
  14. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    Hi Gailey,

    Markham is in the north-east quadrant of the Greater Toronto Area. I know it well, I went to high school there (and attended a reunion there last year). If you have a choice, look to reside in Stouffville (about 15-20 minutes north of the village of Markham) and you can PM me to ask why. We are located in the easternmost quadrant of the GTA, a little over a half hour's drive from Markham.

    You would still be an eight hour drive from Montreal. I don't know the drive time to Vermont from there.

  15. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    Wow, small world! Thanks Deb. As this thing gets closer I will definitely contact you. We took a trip out there in May and had a look around. Didn't like Markham or Richmond Hill at all (apart from Unionville). Liked Stoffville and Aurora, but desparately don't want to live in a new(ish) sub-development of which there seems to be acre upon acre. I need some space, some water and definitely good carpet!!

    Speaking of which. I said I had just gotten a quote for Winner's Choice by Shaw. Aparently it's Winner's Choice II.

    Question, we may have to rent if we can't sell (when is this recession going to improve????). Would Winner's Choice II be a good choice if we weren't getting rid of the house? If we do this, I don't want to have to re-do it again in a couple of years time because I picked el-cheapo carpet.

    Many thanks
  16. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    winners choice 2
    do u have a link?
    They crossover the style ans color names and #'s and call one product 10 different names

    so their Shaw winners choice 2 is called hudson classic 2 at my store (just a hypothetical example)
    Sometimes I need the sample in my hand to see if I know what it is.
    The style #'s are different too
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  17. nimrod

    nimrod Pro Member

    my wife who is the sales person for our store gets so frustrated with this.she gets calls all the time for do we carry such and such carpet # ---- by so and so manufactuer. just cause we handle so and so manufacturer doesnt mean we have access to EVERY product they make and that doesnt mean all the names, styles and numbers are the same even if it is actually the same carpet they are looking for. As you said and she does too bring me your sample and she can probably match what you have. but usually most people are just shopping over the phone so they dont even bother to come in.....:(
  18. Gailey

    Gailey Active Member

    Well, what do you know! I tried to Google Shaw Carpet - Winner's Choice II and came up with a big fat 0.

    Maybe if I e-mailed the rep and asked him for the stats on the carpet, you would be able to voice an opinion as to it's durability/suitability etc.

    I'm guessing retailers make it thus "murky" so as to discourage comparison shopping? I am so past that, I just need to get this done!

    Now I need to go back over all I learned from researching the wool option to know what pertinent questions to ask.
  19. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Administwative Asst. Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I am about to express a simplistic male oriented view, if easily offended, please don't read any further.!:)

    Choosing carpet is NOT rocket science, it should ot be obsessed over. That causes too much stress.

    First -chose a retailer who you have confidence in.
    Second -chose a style that suites your lifestyle, , nylon for wear.
    Third -Chose a color that fits in with your decor
    Fourth -Find a dollar amount that you can live with.

    Now when you plug all of these in together you will have a carpet suited for you.

    Be Happy---Don't Worry!!!!

    Life is Too short to stress over carpet selections!!!:cool:

    Added: The average carpet is replaced every 7-10 years.
    Years ago people bought for length of service, today, Meh!!
    People like change.
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  20. nimrod

    nimrod Pro Member

    VERY well said RG. Especially #1:D

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