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  1. Think they can’t count first of all. March = 3, April = 4, or maybe it will take over a month for the classes to fill. The employees may recognize me. These classes were going on in the boom.

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  2. kwfloors

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    Thought you knew that already. Maybe you could teach it.
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  3. Could always learn something. Will be interesting to see what info they put out. The style and how the attendees soak up the knowledge. With so many ways to learn you tube, internet not sure anyone will show up.
  4. Chris 45

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    I’m doing a utility room of tile. Someone else did the bathrooms. I always check out other people’s work. Wow! Looks like they could benefit from that class. Sad thing is that this level of quality passes as acceptable here.

    126311D5-82E8-457D-859E-E53463B2187B.jpeg A2B22C17-D730-4E1F-96D9-7EC84C28F710.jpeg image.jpg
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  5. Wow, that would never fly where I came from, northeast.
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  6. epoxyman

    epoxyman Pro Member

    That’s sad tile work there.
    I guess they never seen a under cut saw or can’t even cut to a toilet flange.
    Very sad looking.
  7. They must've only took the 101 course. Didn't stay around for the 102.
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  8. kylenelson

    kylenelson You'll find me on the floor I Support TFP Senior Member

    That just looks bad..I don’t care if they’re only getting $2ft install!
  9. JayP

    JayP Pro Member

    Ugh that’s ugly. I really don’t understand why some guys don’t undercut jambs. Then again, it may not have mattered in this case, judging from the toilet cut.
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  10. I honestly cant picture how that went down. Installer: "ok maam/sir, your all set". Homeowners: "wow, it looks amazing! Here's your balance".

    WTF kind of bizarro world do we live in? If I did that there would be a lynch mob at my heels.
    I do good work & still get pushed out of houses lol
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  11. I made it to class late(1/2 hour) no one showed. Really went to buy some tools. Saw the guy supposed to do it and they laughed, showed the manager as well. Someone put Durock right over the sign up page on the display. They had the pressure sensitive sheet for backsplashes. The associate said you can’t adjust the tile once it’s up,( no working time)

    An associate in commercial sales was going to teach the class, he said he was going to set up chairs etc. I think the internet took over this style learning. Scary one little class and what you’re ready to lay tile?

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