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    I have a pre separator, works good, but the super fine dust still goes to the vac tank. I’m over it dumping the tank when it fills up. The dust dropping into the bag, seeing the quantity then just zip tie and cut. So maybe get a tank if you want to do it the hard way or get the bagger, I think the longopacs are @30$ which not sure how many full size bags it can make, but worth it in time savings, dust containment.

    The pulsebac 1250 sits atop, the only size or bigger to get in my opinion.

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    Yep my Ermator has the bags it works great no dust bins to deal with and the mess at times
    I get about 30 bags to a new pack of bags just make sure you use two zip ties on the bags case they can slip off the bags
    I did right at 240 lf of edges and over 1,000 sf today and used 4 bags and it was nice cause I was really deep into this building very long walk to the dumpster

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