How to Install Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Discussion in 'Floorcovering Video Collection' started by Jim McClain, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    This video disturbs me on so many levels. As a retired flooring installer, I may not know all the latest tricks and techniques. But I do now that when a manufacturer says they recommend you acclimate your flooring before installation, you damn well better acclimate the flooring. This video's narrator suggests that might not be necessary.

    There's a number of other discrepencies that I hope our resident flooring professionals will point out. My point in posting it here? To show you that not all the videos you find on YouTube and elsewhere are accurate or professional. In fact, there are far more that will lead you to disappointment and even disaster than those that offer quality advice and, if followed, will result in great satisfaction. We have those here too, so keep looking for videos for the projects you are planning to do. One video may not be enough.


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  2. Floored by Newman

    Floored by Newman Floored by Newman

    I could only watch half :eek: Beyond acclimation the starter row has a H :eek: and rookie proceeds to spread glue on a finished hardwood :blink: People watch this shit and think...:mad:
  3. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    Our retailer said about a year ago that the fiberboard in the middle of hardwood flooring that you don't have to acclimate it, ( what he was told by rep) I was in lowes last week and saw they now stock a lot of this crap sandwich wood.
    Can anyone tell me the proper name for this Junk.
  4. epoxyman

    epoxyman Pro Member

    Well at lest they had all new tools :)

    The guy with that little glue trowel would drive me nuts.
  5. Ken Fisher

    Ken Fisher Charter Member

    First thing I hate as a practicing videographer/editor/producer is the sound volume. I dislike going from one video to the next having to adjust volume... but it's six years old.

    But the freaking intro?

    Who needs 15 seconds of nuttin?

    Hey. They're just trying to sell a product. Give em a break:yesss: Doesn't have to be accurate...:rolleyes:

    I wouldn't use a glue down over and old parquet floor for a video. I can smell failure already with unknowing DIY'ers...and product callbacks etc.

    :yesss: Nice troweling method. Pretty lame. I think he mentioned the wrong specs too.

    The guy installing must be some geek they pulled out of the office. Woosey workmanship, or a "gentle touch" But that's a typical DIY'er eh?

    Guess you don't pull all the old carpet padding out at once?

    Do you really need the table saw blade set so high?

    Thanks for the entertainment Jim. I could pick it more but it's lunchtime.

    Mike. I know where that Lowes stuff comes from. I toured a distribution point in Atlanta. Lot's of banana wood from ... sure Asia.
  6. certu

    certu Member

    Thanks for sharing. i'll be more careful with the videos in future

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