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  1. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Profile information is not mandatory here at TFP, but it helps in many ways. If you are a DIYer or Consumer, adding your location to your profile can help us learn more about various issues you may encounter when buying and installing floor coverings. It might provide us with information about seasonal temperature & humidity, local building codes and laws or where we might be able to send you for personal assistance. We will NOT solicit you. Advertising is against the rules here and you should report anyone who tries to sell you products and services you did not ask for.

    For the flooring professional, your profile details are what gets you Pro Access. We don't ask for personally identifiable information. We only need a little info to determine if you are a pro and are eligible for Pro Access. Of course, many people may visit your profile to learn more about you, so feel free to add as much information as you feel comfortable with. You can edit it at any time.

    Editing your profile is quite simple. Follow the link below. If you need help, or have questions, just ask - either reply to this topic, or start a personal conversation with me.

    Go to your Account Control Panel and Edit Your Details.

    It should all be pretty self-explanatory. Don't write a book and definitely don't make it an advertisement - that last part will get you banned for spamming TFP.

    Now you just have to let me know you want Pro Access and have added enough details to your profile to get it. I won't know you added those details, though, unless you tell me. Reply to this topic, or to your Welcome-To-TFP personal Conversation. I'll give you access.

    Thank you for joining TFP and I hope all this trouble will be worth it to you. You will be joining thousands other flooring professionals who originally came for themselves and stayed for each other. Along the way, we get to help consumers and DIYers make good decisions in their flooring projects.

    Jim McClain, owner/admin
    The Floor Pro Community
  2. Clemcarpet

    Clemcarpet Pro Member

    Made changes please admit me to pro section
  3. Gary Newton

    Gary Newton Pro Member

    Hi Jim, thanks for the great site and the opportunity to be involved.
    Please allow me Pro Access.
  4. teddyp75

    teddyp75 Pro Member

    Howdy Jim. I would greatly appreciate access to the pro sections. Thanks in advance. Teddy
  5. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    This old topic still applies, even after the conversion to new forum software. If you are a pro, this is an excellent way for visitors and members to know more about you. In addition to the old profile options, you can now set privacy options for your profile. Just click the Privacy link in the menu, left side of the page in your ACP (Account Control Panel), or here, a link directly to it:

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