How to communicate with Anyone in the world.

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  1. How do I ask a question or say good job to say, a news anchor, and them communicate back? Is it Twitter or is that just post and follow? LinkedIn? Facebook? without some form of "do you accept"?
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    I try to go to the news website to find a link but for some its hard. I was going to do that to one and they had nothing on the site to contact them. I did a local TV station once and picked up their business cards which had some contact points on them. Most are on facebook so that's where I would look if nowhere else. I got you on LinkedIn though.
  3. Thanks Ken, 2 way communication like this is Direct, and I know sending some texts to someone who doesn't know me expecting them to respond when they could get thousands of questions a day may be perhaps unrealistic.

    Say I watched a video on utube on the Tesla, very interesting and now I want one(used) top $ is 40 k. Got on cargurus and found some. I'd like to say nice work Elon! Just one example, but sometimes I need a reply of a question.
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    Depends on what you're after. I've written to the CEO of several major companies (Verizon, Krispy Kreme, Taco Bell) and gotten responses back from their correspondence offices. I used PlanetFeedback to send my email, since they maintain a database of contact addresses. - Best for company policies and business decisions.

    For some companies, I use their official feedback mechanisms. I wanted to compliment a Lowe's employee so I wrote my comments on their site, because those things have a way of trickling down through every supervisor along the way. - Best for individuals working for a large company.

    For mom and pop or local places I pick up the phone or visit the store to find the boss. I shake their hand and thank them personally. If applicable I'll also leave them reviews on Google Maps. I'm a "local guide" so my reviews get bumped to the top and marked with a little badge - people trust badges lol.

    Back in 2007 we were doing a big event for a local non-profit I was working with. I wrote a letter to President Bush inviting him to come a speak (to our little 200 people event). I got back a very gracious letter apologizing that he wouldn't be able to attend, he included some personal remarks about our event and everything though. He also included a signed portrait of himself. It was the coolest thing to get up and read a personal letter from the President on official White House letterhead and everything.
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