1. I went and looked at a job yesterday and I need you guys input. I originally went to measure this job and was just gonna price labor while the customer had already picked a floating vinyl plank at home depot. So when i walked in the room it was hotter than hell. So i asked the lady what the deal was and she said it was hot yoga. I said does it stay this hot in here all the time and she said its 105 degrees during class and then the temp probably comes down to 95 when not in use. So there is one red flag with this floating LVP. The second came with the size of this room. It was 65 feet by 26 feet. So I told the lady that I would feel more comfortable with a glue down product and told her Id be doing some checking on here material specs to see if it could be glued. It cant.. , but to my knowledge most material needs to have a maintained temp and not have a major swing like this room will have. Am I correct? If a different material needs to be used what would that be? I mentioned heat weld sheet vinyl due to all the sweat and exercise but I know that will be to much for them. She mentioned something about 2.50 ft for material. Should I run?
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    I might suggest a glue down SPC. Those can withstand bigger temperature swings. However you would have to be careful with adhesives, as your favorite might not be up to the task. Usually tech departments will direct you to the best choice for that application. (As an example, Uzin 2000s has worked well for me on many jobs, but when we had an installation that was going outside of the recommended range, Uzin recommended KE66 which seemed to be able to put up with the abuse. In my opinion it was a great option as I hate having to use an epoxy if I don't have to)
    Hope that helps!
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  3. Absolutely helps. Ill check into it. Thanks
  4. I have no clue about Yoga, but sweaty, will the product be slippery? Isn’t it like meditating while stretching? How do these type people want the feel of a flooring product? Soft, flexible?
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    Rubber granule epoxy is what I have been hearing is the best for that.
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  6. I don't know much about yoga either Mike. I think they all use rubber mats when doing there stretching. So I'm assuming the floor being soft isn't that big of a concern. My thought was all the sweat making its way through the vinyl plank seams and the slippery would definitely be a concern that I didn't think about.
  7. I would think that a public space like this would be regulated by the local health codes. I know here in Indiana at the very least these floors would have to be disinfected. If that's the case, then a floating floor much like in any healthcare environment would be a poor choice because the maintenance process would be problematic.

    In order to properly disinfect a floor to board of health standards and by most disinfectant manufacturers directions the solution needs to sit (proper term is dwell) on the surface for 10-15 minutes in a wet state (read: you need to flood the floor with disinfectant solution and not let it dry). Then that solution needs to be cleaned up with either an auto-scrubber or mopped up with clean (more fluid) rinse water.

    Most disinfectants in use today are based on two different chemistries - phenolic (older technology) and quatrenolic (newer technology) and these products if not properly rinsed can lead to severe oily buildup as well. That being said it's nearly impossible to use these correctly with a cotton string mop. In other words the end-user should probably strongly consider purchasing a small auto-scrubber so that they don't struggle with taking care of the floor.

    What I'm getting at is that over time your going to have an incredible amount of water and solution finding the expansion space and getting underneath that floor over time that cannot be neutralized or further disinfected. This could serve as a source for mold and mildew over time.

    To me it would be a pretty big gray area to put a floating floor in an application like this even before the temperature came into play.

    The reason I've posed some of these issues is that so many times a situation just like this occurs and it isn't until after the wrong flooring is installed and the issues begin that someone like myself is called in to "troubleshoot" the problem because the flooring isn't performing as expected. We often get to be the "bad guys" who have to explain that this isn't an acceptable application for this type of flooring.

    Outside of VCT - which I'm not even sure the boxes show in their stores anymore - there's not one single product I can think of from a box store that should be used for an application like this. Putting the wrong floor in can cost 3-5 times the money that putting the proper floor in would have cost initially and could even lead to the business shutting down if it becomes a health issue.

    I wish you the best with the project and keep us posted on how it works out.

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    Outstanding post! Thanks for your insight. Your comment on the cost of replacing the "wrong floor" reminded me of a seminar/round table discussion from a couple of weeks ago. The figures quoted by the NFCA stated "for every dollar spent on flooring, it costs $9 to "re-do" if that flooring fails". This conversation was specific to healthcare, but that ratio got my attention. It really speaks to the importance of proper collaboration by all parties involved when it comes to flooring.
  9. I lobbed it to him and he gets the credit for the homerun! Absolutely what we all need to be doing for everyone involved to make the right choices.

    Dwell time, all was well when after about 8 months the DEP told us the disinfectant in our wastewater runoff from the treatment plant didn’t have the proper dwell time prior to discharge. We showed them and went out of business.
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    Fair point Mike. Hockey coaches will tell you that you get the same points for goals as for assists. Glad to know someone else who plays for the crest on the front of the jersey rather than the name on the back.
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  11. Remember Mike, Graeme is my spirit brother. ;) But, I consider you my spirit cousin. :D Your outside the box thinking is always appreciated and it truly spurs a lot of thoughts that I would normally not consider.

    Greatly appreciate you both!
  12. Walking my property I was pondering it may be because I would try to think of every way possible to get out of the jobs that I would think of every reason.

    Sad to say flooring is casually thought about in the budget when it gets the most abuse. One reason I got into it was because there’s always work.
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  13. I agree, great post commercial floor rep. I actually called the lady this morning and let her know that due to there low budget, resulting in not being able to pick out the best flooring for the project . That I was going to have to pass on the job.

    Thanks for all the wisdom, guys.
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  14. Graeme

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    Sometimes the best job you do is the job you DON'T do...
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