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Discussion in 'Food for The Floor Pro' started by icanlayit2, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. icanlayit2

    icanlayit2 Pro Member

    This year to have something to do when i'm not installing i decided to grow hot peppers.Only about 300 plants.I am now so covered up in peppers,just cut up 35 pounds for drying.Anyone else like these things?I have everything from the hottest(carolina reaper) to cayennes,mostly super-hots though,like moruga and ghost.Its a wonderful supplement for the flooring industry as it is a natural pain killer,and if you install floors for very long,you will have pain.
  2. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I like hot myself but some of those you mentioned may make you want to crap in the creek to keep from setting the forest on fire.
    I grew jalapenos a couple years ago and they were so hot I couldn't eat them. I even put them in salad and had to pick them out.


  3. Hanover Fist

    Hanover Fist Pro Member

    If it doesn't hurt - during OR afterwards - it probably wasn't much fun anyway.

    The peppers sound delicious.
    I'll take some Ghost Chilis, please.
    Great for brewing a winter stout that warms the cockle shells.
  4. Hanover Fist

    Hanover Fist Pro Member

    Got my gift box in the mail today!
    Huge thanks to icanlayit2!!!!
    The winter stout will have a hint of Mexican chocolate and pack a spicy whollop this year!

    Your return gift will depart in the next day or so.
    Again, huge thanks!

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  5. icanlayit2

    icanlayit2 Pro Member

    That big red pod is an Aleppo,it is a gourmet pepper,just a little touch of heat.I am glad you are enjoying them.
  6. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    I don't think you can send veggies/fruit across state lines.
    Nice growin though, all I did this year was two tiny pineapples and a few lemons.

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  7. Bud Cline

    Bud Cline Tile Expert Charter Member Senior Member Published

  8. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    Maybe they had the law made.I didn't get too deep but I was going to send Tangerines grown at the house, I think their worried about bugs and disease spreading. Could just be the Orange farmers protecting their industry.
    Commercially they go through some hoops, I hear the Nursery owner complain about all the regulations.
  9. icanlayit2

    icanlayit2 Pro Member

    You can go to any post office and get small,medium or large flat rate boxes and put anything in them and ship anywhere in the US.I have sent peppers to as far away as oregon to mass.and conn.It has the potential to become quite a side business for me as not many people grow them and they sell for 15-35$ a pound.Next year i'm shooting for 2 acres of peppers.This year i have almost 350 plants and have sold almost 1000$ worth of pods.With an initial investment of around 400$,that isn't too bad.And i have about 5 gallons of power from all the pods i have dried.I will sell those this winter by the oz.I love hot peppers even more now.I think about 5-10 acres and i could make as much as i do installing floors and not near as hard or frustrating.

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