Home Legend Syncore X Flooring Review?

Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by snoupnp, Jul 27, 2017.

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    I changed the title of this topic slightly, hoping it will get you some response from a pro familiar with the product. I looked at the Home Legend website and couldn't find any specifications, like the thickness, wear layer and other important info. The Home Depot website I visit, which tends to be different from region to region, doesn't show the Syncore X product. Typically though, Home Depot tends to offer lower quality flooring - builder grades. Home Legend products are well suited for that market.

    My own experience with scratches in LVP might interest you though. I had just finished installing a floating LVP in my main room a day or two previous when I slid a cardboard box across the floor. I didn't notice it had some of those nasty brass staples in the bottom and they put a really ugly scratch in my new floor.

    I got some scratch removal spray that helped a little, but the scratch still showed. But before too long, the scratch became more and more unnoticeable. Now, 7 or 8 years later, I couldn't find that scratch to save my life. And the floor, except for a couple of tiny spots where my office char wheels have marred the finish, looks great. In case you're wondering, my flooring is Konecto.
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    Thank you for your reply and help!

    This is a link to the product in question. The site reads that it is 6mm thickness

    Your point is well taken. My main concern, which is longevity and unsightly scratches that accumulate from normal usage over time seems to have not been an issue (in the long-term) with the particular product that you used.

    Given that Home Depot products are of lower quality, the one "special" thing that I'm looking for with this floating vinyl plank flooring project is a concrete/stone/rock-type finish, rather than the very common wood finishes. I was wondering if you have any suggestions regarding high quality options that would fulfill these needs.

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    It says it has a aluminum oxide wear layer, but not how thick it is. I hope another pro who has more knowledge about this particular product will chime in.
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    Kinda late to this topic, but wanted to chime in. I sell a ton of the SyncoreX. The wear layer is 20 mil on this product, and it comes with a Lifetime Wear Warranty, 15 year commercial. It has the padding attached, and honestly, I sell it or Coretec by US Floors (Now owned by Shaw) The SyncoreX is a little cheaper than the Coretec, but you get the same warranty. Any floor will dent, chip, cut, or scratch if it is abused. This floor put through normal usage (being walked on), this will stand up very well. The few times I have had a customer put a good scratch in it, a stain pen used for wood floors hid it well. If you do get this product make sure you take one of the installation instructions from a box, and fill out the product registration section and mail it in. Hope this helped if it is not too late.
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