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Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by ericfox, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. ericfox

    ericfox New Member

    So far we have not found anything softer than Home Depots Mohawk Softspring Cashmere II carpet. From reading on here I find nylon is also more recommended than polyester.

    The local store is trying to find something to match HD. They are recommending Dream Weaver polyester carpet which I think is made by Shaw. It is soft but seems less dense and if you look close it looks like its more frizzy and I can pull the little frizzy pieces out when pulling on it unlike the nylon.

    The softspring is more expensive... if it is truly a better carpet then I'm going to go ahead and get it but figured I'd ask to see if anyone had any recommendations.

    Looking for very soft for high traffic area that is going to last. Also I'd like to hear anyones opinion on the Softspring carpet at HD if anyone has any experience with it... I guess its pretty new so maybe not too much on it yet? Thanks
  2. Curt Durand

    Curt Durand Resting In Peace Charter Member I Support TFP Published

    I get the impression you are not looking at the whole picture and only focusing on softness. Are you going to walk on the carpet or lay on it and pet it? Softer yarns are made from thinner fibers. Thinner fibers are less resilient (crush easier and are less likely to "pop" back after traffic). Polyesters are less resilient than nylons of the same fiber thickness. There is a reason your toothbrush bristles are made from nylon and not from polyester.
    By focusing on the softness you may be setting yourself up for disappointment later on.
    I would not recommend P.E.T. polyesters - they crush and flatten.
  3. KKim

    KKim New Member

    Yes, SoftSpring is soft and looks nice, but beware, it is *impossible* to vacuum. We just had it installed and our vacuum will not pull through it. So we got a new vacuum. This one is just as difficult. I suspect one of the protective/static coatings makes it difficult to slide anything on it. So, while its beautiful to look at, it's going to be murder to clean. I would recommend this carpet.
  4. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    You mean would NOT? :hmmm:
  5. greatfloors

    greatfloors Pro Member

    Consumer Alert: Vacuum cleaner issues with New Ultra Soft Carpets

    Consumers who choose soft carpet may find themselves unpleasantly suprised with the performance of their vacuum cleaner the first time they try to use on the new floorcovering. Less than a year ago, complaints began to surface regarding the performance of vacuum cleaners onn soft carpet. Hopefully customers realize this is a vacume failure, not a carpet failure.
  6. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    I think there needs to be a redesign of vacuum cleaners.
    In designing products, is maintenance testing part of R&D
  7. KKim

    KKim New Member

    Sorry, I meant I would Not recommend this carpet. As for this being a vacuum cleaner issue, I find that hard to believe. I believe it has to do with the carpet fiber or coating. I would have expected the testing of the carpet to reveal this issue.
  8. greatfloors

    greatfloors Pro Member

    Vacuums for New Ultra Soft Carpets

    Here are a couple vacuums that fare well in testing with ultra soft carpet.

    Orecks Magnesium models-

    Kirby vacuums with adjustable beater bars-

    People who have an issue with footprints and or vacume marks should avoid ultra soft carpets as they show A LOT- especially in darker colors!
  9. greatfloors

    greatfloors Pro Member

    The problem begins at about the 40 ounce range- the small wheels on the vacuum and the mechanism that creates the suction sink so far into the soft fiber pile that the beater bar and suction area are immersed in the carpet- reducing/eliminating the air circulation. This causes the vacuum to be difficult to pull backwards and almost impossible to push forward- therefore unusable.
  10. KKim

    KKim New Member

    Greatfloors, we had an even heavier carpet before and didn't have this problem. You can't even slide furniture on the SoftSpring. My rubber shoes get stuck in it. This behavior is not normal. We just bought and returned another vacuum, then ended up buying a $600 German vacuum that will work. If I had it to do again, I would not buy this carpet. BTW, do you work for Aladdin or Mohawk? You seem so defensive of this carpet ;)
  11. Curt Durand

    Curt Durand Resting In Peace Charter Member I Support TFP Published

    These are two of the vacuums I do not recommend.

    Oreck vacuums are more like a powered Hokey or sweeper. They have a skid plate base system but are too light and weak actioned to correctly groom the thicker or denser carpets. Footprints in denser velvet or Saxony carpets will stay crushed down and accumulate over time making the carpet look flat and worn. Orecks also allow accelerated corn rowing to develop.

    The Kirby vacuums are moderately good but are not great vacuums and they cost an extra $1000 over many of the excellent vacuums. It has an adjustable pile height but Kirby's also weigh close to 45 lbs. The extremely high priced specialized vacuums such as Kirby ($1300+), Filter Queen ($2500+) and Rainbow ($1900+) usually offer no more than an average performance and are sold with a high pressure home visit sales technique.
    You should not purchase a vacuum from any salesman who needs to offer to finance the purchase price of a vacuum.
  12. greatfloors

    greatfloors Pro Member

    I agreee that having your shoes get stuck in the carpet is NOT normal! I dont work for Mohawk- but I do work for a floorcovering company! I have sold many ultra soft carpets to customers that are aware of the vacuuming problems before they make the purchase. That is because I take the time to explain these issues with my customers-

    Im sure the vacuum you bought is very good- but there are a couple vacuums that perform well with the ultra soft carpets for less than $250
  13. Isabella Flooring

    Isabella Flooring Pro Member


    Shaw Caress, SOFT NYLON, open line name has a product called Cashmere 1 2 3 and 4, it starts at a 40oz all the way up to a 90oz piece

    The softness comes from the cleaning of the material and how they play with the denier (spelling could be off) of the fiber, the stain protection is topically treated (sprayed on)

    Mohawk also has soft nylon called EMBRACE, same procedure...

    Mohawk also has a fiber called Triexta, some feel it's a pumped up polyester, but they fail to understand that other flooring mills would love to put there hands on the Triexta Fiber Chip that DuPont produces exclusively for MOHAWK.

    With that said,
    Mohawks Smartstrand is a lot more cleanable than any nylon on the market, google, Wall Street journal smartstrand test...

    Smartstrand fiber is not a topically treated fiber, it's built in we will, use this, the radish and carrot,

    Radish being red on the outside and when you slice it open it is white NYLON
    Now with a carrot you slice it open the color is all the way thru SMARTSTRAND.

    With all the above said be it nylon,poly or triexta, You can not compare the three.

    The soft nylons have been on the market for approx. 18 months now, SMARTSTRAND approx. 8+ years.....

    Next month you'll see on the market soft pop bottles just as soft as Carress and Embrace....

    Funny how this thread turned to suction machines.....
  14. KKim

    KKim New Member

    Thank you for educating us on the new fibers. The softness is wonderful and the stain resistance should make for a durable carpet. Now I wonder how the vacuum cleaner manufacturers will respond...
  15. JackieH

    JackieH New Member

    Oh so does this mean that even if a carpet isn't labelled as a Soft carpet, & doesn't come with a list of recommended vacuums, I might still run into the problem of having to get the perfect vacuum if the weight is higher than 40?
  16. Isabella Flooring

    Isabella Flooring Pro Member

  17. whatiscarpet

    whatiscarpet Pro Member

    I just wanted to make an interesting note on the carrot radish analogy that is often used. A couple years ago my company's sales reps met with the bigelow rep(bigelow is the commercial division of Mohawk). he talked about the dying process and told us that they did testing on space dyed nylon. Using electron microscopy they looked at a cross section of space dyed nylon and found that the dye penetrated the fiber completely. The middle of the fiber was completely colored. He showed us the pictures from the electron microscope.

    The carrot and radish is often used to explain the difference between space and solution dye, Engineered floors even uses it in their brochures. But it is actually inaccurate!

    Sorry for going off topic, just wanted to share some knowledge that was given to me.
  18. MJM

    MJM Pro Member

    Carrot vs. Radish clarification

    Likely you bought your carpet by now but for clarification....Note that whether the fiber is integrally colored (carrot) vs. dyed on the outside (radish) depends on whether the fibers were solution dyed (carrot, pigmented throughout as fiber was pigmented when the fiber was actually made / extruded) vs. packaged or piece dyed (yarn spool post dyed or actual white carpet post dyed - Radish). Both Nylon and PET (including triexta) can be Solution dyed (carrot).

    Both can be made to be stain resistant - think Pet-protect brand or Stainmaster brand (nylon integrally or solution dyed) or the PET triexta from Mohawk.

    So in my opinion selection needs to be made on the basis of cost / durability desired. Nylon will always be the most durable. The polymer is simply stronger than PET. Triexta is kind of a hybrid between typical PET and Nylon and is a very good product for the cost (ie. more durable than regular PET - less durable than nylon but a bit more cost effective).

    But if you want to put it in and forget about it for years go down the nylon path but look specifically for solution dyed (hint, most if not all Shaw, Dreamweaver carpet is solution dyed (carrot) and Stainmaster, Pet Protect brands are solution dyed).


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