Help with carpet pad- premium 1/2 in vs memory form?

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by Shironi, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Shironi

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    I'm down to a nylon carpet, 45 oz face weight 3306 density and a pile height of .48. Do I need to upgrade to a premium pad (double sided moisture barrier 8 lb 1/2) go with the memory foam (single side moisture barrier, 8 lb 7/16) or just a regular rebound pad? The carpet is on the cheap end at $1.69 sq. ft.

  2. Jim McClain

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    If you think you need a double moisture barrier, then you have a moisture problem you should address, not a cushion dilemma. I think double moisture barrier pads are a gimmick designed to increase profits more than protection. They may very well protect the carpet pad, but not much else.

    I like the walk of a quality 8# rebond (not rebound) at 7/16" thickness. I'm not a fan of memory foam. But that's just me. Most quality cushions will last as long as the carpet. The difference is in the way they feel under foot. No one can tell you which is better at that than your own feet.
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