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Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by Connie Snyder, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Connie Snyder

    Connie Snyder New Member

    This site is very helpful...thanks. I'm trying to select carpeting for upper floors of a townhouse: bedrooms, hall, 2 staircases. I had narrowed it down to one, but am now second guessing my selection and could use some opinions from the pros and community if they know any of these carpets.

    Asside from wear, my main concern is texture retention. Previous carpet was a cut pile solution dyed nylon from Beaulieu, retained color well, but showed every foot print and started matting down in high-traffic areas in less than 5 years. From reading comments on your site and others, this is what I’ve learned:
    Nylon is still the best choice for long wear.
    The higher the density for that texture retention the better.
    A cut/loop or all loop holds texture better than a cut pile and show less foot prints.
    Not sure about these new soft nylons, but it seems that's all there is anymore.

    Below is what I'm considering:
    Dixie: Shafer Point, Tactesse nylon. Initial choice, but is it dense enough for stairs?

    Dixie: Spinnaker, Tactesse. Feels denser than Shafer Point, but appears to have more cut than looped yarns.

    Masland: New Hope, Luxerell nylon. Pricey. Feels really dense, but some sites say Luxerell is the lower end of Stainmaster--true?

    Masland: Montauk, Tactesse. Another pin dot. Less expensive than New Hope.

    Thanks for any input on the above or suggestions for other brands or carpet types to consider.
  2. Connie Snyder

    Connie Snyder New Member

    Sorry...I don't need any comments on this. I found Masland's New Twist carpet which will work fine for me. Thanks.
  3. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Well, I'm sorry no one commented on this anyway. :(
  4. The Carpet Rep

    The Carpet Rep Pro Member

    You'll be happy with it. You may have realized this, but Dixie and Masland are the same company, just different brands. Both are high quality. Hope you enjoy your new carpet!

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