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  1. lakebuilder

    lakebuilder Charter Member

    Hello; This is my first post. I'd like to thank the people who provide this site, for the opportunity to participate. I live in Minnesota and do property fix ups for a living. I happenned across this forum and like what I saw. I'm always looking for good tips and techniques and lord knows I need plenty when it comes to flooring. I'll keep quiet and observe.
  2. hookknife

    hookknife Hard Surface Installer Charter Member Senior Member

    hello Lakebuilder, do you have a name????
    nice to have ya aboard:D
  3. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    Hello lakebuilder,

    Names aren't that important here, we're just glad to have you with us. If you have any questions or want to discuss anything in particular, you are welcome to bring it up here or any appropriate forum. Thanks for joining.
  4. Danny Ferguson

    Danny Ferguson Abbey Carpet & Floor Charter Member

    Welcome lakebuilder. So, you like to flip houses? I'm guessing you do most of the work yourself. Glad to have you here, don't be shy.
  5. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry Thomas Charter Member Senior Member

    Welcome lakebuilder, no need to keep quiet. I'm the resident peabrain :) .
  6. Nick Arrera

    Nick Arrera Resting In Peace

    Welcome aboard , maybe down the road you can share some tips on lake building ..
  7. lakebuilder

    lakebuilder Charter Member

    Thank you all for the welcome. My name is John. I sure will be asking questions now and then, but just when I really do need to know. Yes, I do enjoy flipping those houses, (it's been rewarding) and yes, I do enjoy the work involved. (most of it anyways) I do almost all of the work myself, along with a lot of help from my wife and 2 kids. The kids are both in college now, so that is really nice when they come back on an occasional weekend and during the summer. Currently we are remodeling a cabin that stands just 15 feet from the edge of a nice lake. Someday if I figure out how to post a picture I will throw one on. I have quite a few years of experience in building, so if I can help anyone with my 2 cents worth, I'd be glad to.
  8. Peter Kodner

    Peter Kodner Inspector Floors Charter Member Senior Member

    Oh, yah, ye betcha fer sure, another Minnysotan. Good to have you here John. I live about half a block off Lake Calhoun, just one of the 11,100+ lakes in our wonderful BLUE state. Try using the GoggleMap and we can all zoom in on that lake the house is on.
    Maybe we should start a Sven and Oly thread in the comedy tour section? :zzz:
  9. lakebuilder

    lakebuilder Charter Member

    Hey Peter; Seems that you talk just like me. People say I remind them of the movie 'fargo'. I tried that there Google map but I cant get it to work. I'm up close to Walker MN though. Fishings great!
  10. Bill Vincent

    Bill Vincent Charter Member

    Fishing's ALWAYS great up north!! :D Down south, they just got bass and catfish. Up here, you can add trout, salmon, walleye, pike, and muskie to that list!! :dance:

    (and up THIS way, that's just the FRESHWATER fishing!!)

    Welcome to the fray, John! :)
  11. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry Thomas Charter Member Senior Member

    Not so Bill, we got bluegills too. :)

    And carp :D
  12. stullis

    stullis Charter Member Senior Member

    You know the guys from Bay Carpet in Walker?

    I've done a few jobs up in the Walker area years ago. Tried to go fishing after work when we were up there. Nothing like fresh cooked walleye.
  13. Tandy Reeves

    Tandy Reeves Resting In Peace Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Do you guys think it is fair to talk about how great the fishing is up there. It is so hot here if you catch a fish you have to let it cool before you can put it in the live well or on the stringer.
  14. Bill Vincent

    Bill Vincent Charter Member

    It's no different here in Maine. I had a bass tournament last sunday. The water temp was 84 degrees, and even shoveling ice into the livewell all day, I still lost my 3 biggest fish, 4/11, 3/6, and 2/14. Being that we have a 1/2 pound penalty for a dead fish, I went from 2nd to 17th place! :confused:
  15. Danny Ferguson

    Danny Ferguson Abbey Carpet & Floor Charter Member

    That's some good size bass for a daytime tournament Bill. It's tough fishing here in the summer daytime. Water clarity must be 20ft or better. You have to fish deep here in the day time. I love fishing the night tournaments in the summer. Nothing like fishing in dark with a black light and florescent line. I much rather fish murky water.:D
  16. Bill Vincent

    Bill Vincent Charter Member

    That 4/11 wouldn't have even gotten lunker. One guy came in with one just over 6 pounds.

    As for the clear water, I'm used to that. Most of the lakes around here are spring fed clear mountain lakes, and with a good pair of polarized glasses, it's easy to see that deep, especially if there's any kind of structure. The lake we fished last sunday, though was more of a pond though. Deepest part of the lake was 22 feet, and the water was pretty murky for local standards.
  17. Danny Ferguson

    Danny Ferguson Abbey Carpet & Floor Charter Member

    What was the bait of choice Bill. Did you go soft or hard.
  18. Bill Vincent

    Bill Vincent Charter Member

    In addition to the ones that died, I also had 2 "limit fish" (just over the legal limit)-- one 1/6, and one 1/8. The 1/8, I caught on a smoke w/ red flake tube on a jig head in about 6' of water. The rest all came from under liliy pads in 2 feet or less with a brown and gold jig and pig.
  19. Bill Vincent

    Bill Vincent Charter Member

    Here's the three that didn't make it. We already ate the big one, and the other two are on the menu for tomorrow night. :)

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  20. lakebuilder

    lakebuilder Charter Member

    You eat those things? lol. Just kiddin, but theyre way more fun to catch than eat. Those sure are some nice bass for a northern state though. A 6 lb.er here is considered a real trophy. Here in MN we only eat walleyes, crappies, and my favorite...sunfish.

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