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    Hello all!
    I'm looking to figure out the best way to start a 800 sq ft, 3/4" pre-finished hickory hardwood floor install on the first floor of my house. Subfloors are 3/4" plywood over a concrete basement. Assumption is nothing is square. I've attached a picture of the rough area I'm working with.

    I plan to start my first run going from left to right in the picture, marked as A, and use splines to go in both directions. This is the longest run I will have. The question I have is how to ensure that run is straight? If I measure down from the rear wall, C, I run into an issue with the cut-in, shown as D. Assuming nothing is actually square, I'm not sure how to measure accurately from there. The front wall, B, is straight and might be better despite being a longer measurement.

    Also, the floor will be wrapped around area marked with diagonal black lines. Any suggestions on how to get the two sides to meet (relatively) evenly?

    Thanks to everyone in advance for the help!

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    I would tell you to start on Wall B. It's the longest wall, and the closest to your wrap area. When you get up against the wrap, you snap lines thru that middle wall. You can then snap lines off the wood thru wall A to use as a reference point as needed. I would lay wood just a board or 2, into the wrap on the short side, then go right up to it on the long side. With that section nailed in, you can just dry fit the next row of boards around the warp, and check it with a chalk line to keep it straight. you can then dry fit the short side, and see how the 2 meet up. You can make any adjustments on the boards on the short side, or in what looks like a doorway where the wood floor enters Wall A, if its a small amount to lose, or gain.

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