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    Hi, Im Jennifer and I am new at the home owner remodel job. I would like to use the new Hard wood looking tile throughout my home, but can I use it on stairs? Also is there tile with texture more like wood to help prevent slips?

    Thank you in advance
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    If I wanted to continue with the "wood look" ceramic tile up a stairwell I would use a solid wood nosing and riser that matched the faux wood design.

    In case those terms are unfamiliar to you:

    tread = the main, flat portion of the step (where you walk)
    riser = the vertical portion of the step (looks you right in the eye)
    nosing = the edge of the step where the riser meets the treads
    stringer/skirting = the sides of the stairwell where the wall meets treads/risers/nosings. It can be drywall, wood, carpet, rubber, vinyl, lino.........whatever floats your boat.
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  3. Kman

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    Many stair treads are made with dimensional lumber, i.e. 2x12's or similar. If that's the case for you, you'll want to replace them with 3/4" plywood, or 1 1/8" Advantech if you can find it.

    Tile substrates aren't supposed to be bonded to dimensional lumber, and although you might get away with that on the risers, the treads will see a lot of foot traffic.
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