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    JIMMIEM Well-Known Member

    I've put some stick-on felt protectors on chair feet and other furniture pieces. No problem for the furniture that doesn't get moved. The protectors on the chairs that get moved keep slipping. I see ads for tap-on felt pads. Is this the way to go? Brands?
  2. Daris Mulkin

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    I've also tried the felt pads with the same results. even sanded the bottom of the legs to make it stick better. Not! So I thought hey Power Bond carpet if the glue on that will hold it on the floor in commercial it would hold on the chairs. It didn't. I tried contacting them on, that didn't work either. But I finally bought some protectors that were carpet in a ring that you pounded on. Been there for about 3 years now. You do have to rub the dust balls that collect on them every once in a while though. Don't remember the name but got them at Ace Hardware.



    JIMMIEM Well-Known Member

    Thank You. I'll go by ACE and see if I can find them. The felt ones get the dust balls too. Rather deal with dust balls than floor scratches.
  4. Hanover Fist

    Hanover Fist Pro Member

    If your chair/table legs will accept rubber end caps, that's not a bad option either.
    Be wary of anything that you nail/tack on. If the product fails or someone really heavy slides across the floor on the chair, that nail head will gouge your floor sumthin' fierce.

    I've seen it before on plastic caps that cracked, exposing the nail head.
    Bad mojo.

    JIMMIEM Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of the rubber end caps but will the chairs be able to slide with them? I've seen safeglides which I think are nailed on but it doesn't lok like a nail in the picture.
  6. Hanover Fist

    Hanover Fist Pro Member

    Not so much slide, as not slide.
    I mean, they won't slide. You'll have to use your actual muscles to move them (gawd forbid) [sarc]

    Which is good if you don't want children burying their teeth in your tabletops when they are excused from the table.

    I'm a fan of rubber caps. They make chairs and tables stay put until you want them to move.
    We have a 22lb cat (who isn't fat, just a huge specimen of Egyptian Mancoon) who would send chairs flying across the room if he got spooked and we didn't have rubber caps.

    See pic for proof - that's a 5yr old boy next to him

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    JIMMIEM Well-Known Member

    Will that cat continue to grow?
    Maybe I'll try rubber caps on my wife's chair and see how that goes over.
    Also, the children (nieces and nephews) that come to visit aren't house broken so they eat where ever they want which is typically in front of the TV and when they do eat at the table they don't ask to be excused (did I mention they weren't house broken?). I used to cringe when the kids came over, but now I'm just resigned to the fact that they will do what they will do.

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