Grout keeps cracking in one spot of floor

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    A year and a half ago I installed tile floor in my kitchen. Everything is great, except one spot the grout keeps coming up. I've tried re-grouting but after a few months it just breaks again.
    The tile I'm pointing to is slightly lose. Don't know if it's the mortar or the floor is just weak there. I used cement board as a base. I'm not sure if the trow I used had big enough openings as I was using large 15x15 tiles.

    I'm not a professional. Just a DIY homeowner.

    Any help or advice would be helpful. I would like to find a solution that doesn't involve ripping up the tile if possible? I do have one extra full tile available. But I'm afraid of breaking out the current tile because I don't want to accidentally break one of the surrounding tiles.

    Here's the picture

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  2. You simply fill it with color matched caulk. Mapei, or others. There’s movement there underneath, you don’t want rigid grout in that joint. I’m demoing 1250ft of my as well say a million cause I’ll never catch up on this misconception that flooring doesn’t move. (Sanded caulk to match the grit or if you have the proper grain sand through some on top of unsanded. (Kidding pro tip)
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    Thanks Mike!
    Are you saying caulk underneath the tile and then re-grout?
  4. Tile use tile mastic spread evenly and not too much to cause it to be higher than surrounding tile. There might be a set and grout mastic, not sure if it’s available in your grout color.
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    I believe Mike wants you to try an un-sanded caulk, in a matching color, into the exposed grout joint, then sprinkle some left over grout onto the caulk
    to mimic the sanded grout look ........... Is that right Mike ?

  6. Mark Brown

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    and i quote,

    "the Doctor is in"
  7. I’ve seen so many “fixes” in ceramic tile. Yesterday I pulled about 10 tile that were reset in silicone without the Thinset removed. It worked cosmetically. If say a fridge were rolled over it, I assume it could crack.

    I’m not sure about sprinkling cement grout over or mixing in with latex caulking. I’ve done it but long term? Crackling look?

    What I’m saying is to match the texture the aggregate(sand) has to be the same grain size. That’s getting into detail maybe not needed but just getting same color seems to be a task from what I’ve seen. I should of took pictures of the job we’re on cause there was every attempt to prolong the flooring in this house. It was rented higher end, not trashed. The market is hot right now and the seller decided they want top dollar. The crunching noise kinda puts a damper on that number, floating over is not an option.

    Actually I do have 2 pics.

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