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  1. Did a tile demo, customer calls me back months later asking if I level Floors. Had an installer friend grinding and filling for a floating vinyl plank Karndean and there’s voids underneath. He also said it was crunchy and Karndean tech told him to remove vapor barrier. Said he took it apart 3 times already and installers been there a month.
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    What kind of vapor barrier. The 120 sq ft rolls from the box stores are all crinkled up from being folded and rolled up in their packaging. Makes it hard to get them to lay out flat and smooth which translates to crunchy sounding noises. A shot of spray adhesive in one corner then pull it tight or broom out the slack and secure the other corner(s) seems to be the quickest way to get things flat when working with wrinkled vapor barrier. I hate that stuff.
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  3. Visqueen, they said the backing(rubber/cork?) didn’t need a vapor barrier. I said who’d you talk to whoever answered? He said no tech dept.

    I do work for the retailer that he bought product from and they said they use vapor barrier.

    He’s upset he didn’t go with porcelain plank. I said you still need flat floor otherwise there’s lippage. It’s either on top or hidden underneath (voids) Floors.
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  4. Mike Sliwinski

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    and so does little Chris ;)
  5. Chris 45

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    That picture was taken right after trying to vapor barrier a 1000 sq ft basement with Roberts vapor barrier then install grip strip flooring. Little Chris wanted to tell them to piss off but he needed the money to fix the flat tire on his bike. I’ll do it but you can’t make me like it!
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