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  1. Chris 45

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    I would be willing to pattern that out and do it that way just because I believe the level of calmness and the degree of accuracy during the installation would be worth it. Probably even be quicker when it’s all said n done. The reality is that I don’t have any pattern paper on my van and I wouldn’t make a special trip to get any so I woulda just gone at it like everybody else. But if you knew ahead of time...
  2. kylenelson

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    It was a mistake that all acknowledged for sure. The guy came in talking about all the sand and finish hardwood jobs etc then really had no clue what was going on. I was hoping to learn some hardwood tricks from him since it’s probably the flooring I’m least knowledgeable about intalling. Sigh.
  3. Yep I’d like to know about sand/finish hardwood also.... never been around it. It’s always done before I show up.

    I done a herringbone laminate in a kitchen about 15 yrs ago with pattern match carpet in the rest of the house. If I ain’t mistaken I was there all week. Lol!!

    That stuff is definitely time consuming.
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    I'm wondering if you used any adhesive? In most cases, click products require staggering that is wider than the width of the plank itself. Obviously, in order to do that herringbone, you have 'Net Stagger'.

    Tom, I'm with you! Not to bash the mill reps, that's what they're told to bring in and pass along, but as an installer and project manager, I see more problems with that stuff and I can't even recall on that has lasted in our showroom more than two years. Needless to say, how quickly some of these 'new, latest, greatest EVER' Luxury Vinyl products are not just discontinued, but also pulled from the warehouses. Some are dropped without even notifying US. Anywho.....
    The amount of client concerns and inspections and chats with mill reps about these products is over the top.
    I wish, we could go back to just vinyl, carpet and REAL Hardwood products(engineered too).
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    Hardwood is a hell of a lot of DUST to contend with. Much more "art' as oppsed to what I normally do. Everything I install is artificial, generally simulated stone/wood. I barely "cull" through resilient tile or plank. culling is critical to new wood installs. Likewise, board replacement is a pretty subjective call where the customer and installer have to concur. DSCF6028.JPG DSCF6040.JPG DSCF6010.JPG

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