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Discussion in 'Floor Preparation' started by New to Vinyl Flooring, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. We are planning to lay floating vinyl wood plank floor in dining room soon. Problem is I have a couple of small indoor dogs that don't always go on the PeePad.

    Is it possible to waterproof the seams as we put the click floor down or can we use product to make seams more waterproof after installation. I tested paste wax the tongue on samples that I clicked together and it made it very waterproof. Just not sure about long term exposure of plank to the wax. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I've had sheet vinyl in the past and know that would work, but really want to look and feel of the wood vinyl planks.
  2. Steve Forbo

    Steve Forbo Pro Member

    I'd have to know exactly what product it is, but you can use a vinyl seam sealer on it. But you would have to do a test to make sure it properly bonds and does not cause any bad appearance to the seams. It will also take a long time of very careful application.
    Or, you can get rid of the dogs....LOL

    Oh, and another option would be to use a good product like Amtico with a Urethane adhesive.
  3. tipex

    tipex Pro Member

    wouldn't that invalidate the warrant?
  4. hookknife

    hookknife Hard Surface Installer Charter Member Senior Member

    Sometimes what we like is not what we should use as a floor covering, if pet urine is an issue I'd go with some sort of welded homogenous sheet vinyl, JMO.
  5. tipex

    tipex Pro Member

    well that's what i would have thought, we used to pull up foam back carpet and put in normal cushion floor vinyl in old peoples homes for that reason.
    jesus, i remember those days like yesterday, and the smell:eek::eh:
  6. ScribeRight

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    Amtico has a Dressing that would help seal the joints, we use it in hospitals, they abuse it pretty good, as long as they don't slop mop it, Spray clean scrub only! I do a ton of it, Very durable if installed correctly and maintenance is done correctly.
  7. Nate Hall

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    Metro Floor makes a top sealer for vinyl tile too, but if the wear layer is made from a different chemical (urathane, aluminum oxide, ceramic powder, etc.) the products from one manufacturer may not work well on another product.
    The paste wax idea isn't bad, if it stays down in the joint it might just work!
  8. ScribeRight

    ScribeRight Pro Member

    If you decide to do the Plank find out if it is a PVC product and what kind of factory finish it has, as mentioned above not all Acrylic or Wax products are compatible with all LVT floors., This is what happens if topical water gets under the LVT plank, do a small test on a plank and see if it is successful.

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  9. Jim McClain

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    Scriberight, please don't use direct links to post images that are too big. Anything bigger than 480px is too big. It causes people to have to scroll left and right. Use the upload feature and you can post really big pictures that way.

  10. ScribeRight

    ScribeRight Pro Member

    Thank's for the tip Jim and as usual with me, If all else fails i will read the directions. Merry Christmas. Greg

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