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    Hi All - Appreciate any advice you are willing to share. I used to help build custom homes back in the 90's in a family business, so I have carpentry skills, etc. but have never installed this type of flooring. I am looking to buy 1000sq ft of Morning Star Ultra engineered Bamboo 9/16", 3", 5", 7" flooring. Looks like plywood to me with a layer of Bamboo wood on the top. Tongue and groove which needs to be nailed. I have a few questions. First the layout - I have a big "L" shaped space, about 30' in each direction about 14' wide. 1 leg has a den room and foyer, and the other leg is a great room (dining and living room). The floor joist run different directions and I have a wood subfloor. Is it a matter of preference whether I should run the flooring perpendicular to the joist in each room or can I install it as pictured with the flooring perpendicular in the one space but then parallel in the other space? I would prefer to do what a professional would do. My one complication is that I do have a floor imperfection created by a original foundation wall which is causing about a 1-2" hump in one of the foyer walls. I plan to do my best to try and level but my guess is that some of it will remain. I was planning to run the flooring perpendicular to the hump, giving it the best chance to go unnoticed. I'll fix it, if you folks give me advice on how to try and level the floor without jacking up my house. And should I use a 15lb felt as underlayment? Is this the same as the roofing stuff or is there a flooring specific product? Which wall would you start from? And gun and compressor recommendations? I'll have to go buy these items I guess unless you suggest renting? Thanks so much for offering advice as I thank everyone for reading and giving me some ideas to help my confidence in this job.

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    Subfloor material is 3/4" tongue and groove plywood in the great room as that was added to the existing house in 1993. Remainder is solid wood planking.
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    Here's a better drawing

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