Gaps appearing in Installed LVP

Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by kamleshg, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. kamleshg

    kamleshg Member

    First of all, i wish i found this forum BEFORE i bought and installed my flooring, but hey better now then never!

    here's the deal i'm finishing my basement in Atlanta, GA...
    Its about 1000 sq/ft walk-out basement with 3 windows and few hours of direct sunlight.

    I installed Casa Moderna Hampton Hickory LVP's from Floor and Decor.
    I acclimated it for 3 days to 65deg, and began installing with an LVT underlayment.

    Started of well, looked great. Last night i went down to admire my work, and to my dismay several planks have started to separate and i can see parts of the "clicking lip"??? I had a few a few days ago, so i re-installed those few rows, but these are in the middle and would require 10-15 rows be reinstalled...

    What is going on? how to "pull" them back together, or is angle required to interlock?

    Anyone experience and repair this?
  2. Tom Frykman

    Tom Frykman Pro Member

    Is this a laminate or luxury vinyl plank (LVP?)
  3. kamleshg

    kamleshg Member

  4. Isabella Flooring

    Isabella Flooring Pro Member

    Direct sun light and MOST LVP can not go below 65 degrees, Not ambient air, Slab or surface temp...

    everyone is raving about LVP LVT, But the consumers are not understanding that these floors are TEMPUTURE SENSITIVE flooring, and can not have direct sunlight either...Clicks will un click...Most retailers will not mention this to you, Because they don't even know....
  5. kamleshg

    kamleshg Member

    I did set thermostat to 60 post-installation...

    What can I do to "re-click" short of reinstalling entire floor?

    Will keeping room at 65, solve the problem?
  6. Isabella Flooring

    Isabella Flooring Pro Member

    I have repaired some with a LAMINATE slide hammer when gaps are on the end joints, Side gaps are usually caused from Direct sun light or Heat source i.e. a refer motor...
  7. kamleshg

    kamleshg Member

    WTF, durable my a55!!!! I cant even put a refrigerator on LVP?

    So you mentioned side gap fix, is there any fix for the long edge?
  8. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Not all LVP is equal. I have Karndean in my bedroom and Konecto in my Lv/Kit area and I'm very pleased with both. Although I live alone, I get a lot of pet company, ride my Segway, muddy tires and all, around on it and use a wheeled office chair. I still love my LVP floors.

    I might have a very different story had I chose a cheap-ass floor. I sold & installed for 35 years and knew I would get what I paid for, so I did not even consider something I found stocked at a big box store or advertised for 99 cents a foot online. I also worked for a time in marketing (not flooring related) and was disturbed about the subterfuge I was asked to do.

    But like you have discovered, hindsight is... whatever it is. ;)

  9. kamleshg

    kamleshg Member

    point noted jim, as for my original question how can i fix this problem?

    1) i will keep HVAC 65 <>85
    2) will gaps disappear, or will some manipulation be required.
    or worse do i need to reinstall at recommended temps?
  10. phil verre

    phil verre Pro Member

    Had a problem with a floating vinyl plank in a summer home, old windows in the house allowed for excessive heat on the flooring causing it to swell up. Mill Rep had me full spread the areas of concern (an IVC product, used their adhesive), areas that separated at the locking ends/edges had me use the white IVC seam sealer that is used on the sheet vinyl (dries clear). Have not had any issues since. I would check with the manufacturer and ask if they recommend the same fix and if so what products do they suggest for their floor.
  11. kamleshg

    kamleshg Member

    Thats part of the problem, the manufactor is Casa Moderna
    a Floor and Decor subsidiary, and nothing online points to a number.

    Are you saying you filled the wholes with a seam sealer to "fill" them, rather than try to "pull" them back together?
  12. kamleshg

    kamleshg Member

    let me rephrase my problem, its not so much a gap, but a ledge.
    One plank is slightly raised over the next plank on the long side.
    During installls that was remedied by angling the plank and pushing down.
    cant do that with 20+ rows on both sides now.
  13. phil verre

    phil verre Pro Member

    Ahh proud edges definitely different from gaping. Did you leave a perimeter expansion space at all walls and vertical surfaces? If not the floor could be pinched somewhere and causing resistance?
  14. Isabella Flooring

    Isabella Flooring Pro Member

    Here you go guys.....

    Mohawk simplesse unilin click....

    6000 s/f installed in 7 different homes, 5 of them FAILED, You look at the installation Instructions that are in the box...You have to acclimate for 72 hours between 65 and 80 Degrees, SUBSTRATE needs to be this not the AMBIANT air, The substrate is always different than that of the room temps...

    AFTER installation it is not recommended that the floor go over 80 degress, Nothing was said about lower temps until revision 2 in 2014 that states that this LVT LVP can not go below 65 degrees or failure can happen, They will not tell what failure will happen, But we are learning that end joints are gapping at 55 to 60 degrees, you also might be getting gapping because of humidity, Dry humidity will shrink the floor. high humidity will enlarge the product...Revision 3 now states that after installation of LVT/LVP that temps. now have to stay a constant between 65-85 degrees or failure will happen..
    DIRECT sun light is a VERY important issue, If it 65 degrees outside with sun coming thru the window and hitting the floor, That area or around that area will be about 90 to 95 degrees it will heat up and gap in both side and end seams...

    Pending your area and climate, will determine if product is suitable for your home, LVT and LVP are just as sensitive as some wood floors, LVT LVP is a TEMPUTURE SENSITIVE floor, We all like the what we see in commercial settings, Drug stores, Grocery Store, But these places are what we call controlled environments....

    Concrete holds it temps longer that a raised floor does, GLUEING the floor is a chance, I have WET SET one and it gaped, week end home that gets closed up when not using it, IT FAILED....For a manufacture to tell you to glue it and use a sealer on the joints, Is a manufacture that knows he has a product problem, Why would you have to glue a FLOATING floor!!!!!!!

    In regards to INSPECTIONS of this product, IMO, the product is to new to get full understanding of this new line of flooring and most inspectors will push it back to the consumer telling them the home was to warm and the consumer lowered the home temp to fast, If you can leave your home between 65 and 85 and a controlled humidity you shouldn't have failure......
  15. Tom Potter

    Tom Potter I Support TFP

    There right, the conditions for these floors has to be perfect. Temperature, humidity, sunlight,...........
    I have seen ALOT of issues with lvp lately. If they go in cold & then warm up, you get peaking. Go in warm then get cold, you get separations.
    Very rarely can you get the optimal conditions for install. And if you do it takes a very long time to get there. Especially on concrete.
  16. Steve Forbo

    Steve Forbo Pro Member

    As I have always said, I do not get click LVT, or any click floor for that matter. I have installed high quality LVT in commercial applications that see over a million people a week with no problems. If properly installed, it will last until you get sick of it.
    All I see in any floating floor is problems, and even the highest quality. There is just nothing that would make me use one for personal use.
    Certain products have better click tongue and grooves, but the vast majority do not. They pretty much rely on gravity and low traffic to keep them in place if installed with the proper expansion.
  17. kamleshg

    kamleshg Member

    "Proud edges"is what it is called? I Check all spacing still exists
    any ideas on how to resolve?
  18. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    I'm still stuck on the underlayment. You used floor muffler designed for LVP? I would have to study the feasibility of such a product underneath a flexible product. I looked at the warranty for that product, it says "as is", wow, I won't buy a vehicle that says as is.
    Sorry, your looking for a resolution. Pictures would help, there's a few here that do a bit of that stuff, we've only done a couple. The pictures may help to understand what you've done, prevent more or instruct a better way of installing. As you know something is not right, cease, correct, proceed.
  19. Isabella Flooring

    Isabella Flooring Pro Member

    you really can't compare a commercial to a residential setting,
    90% of commercial settings are CONTROLLED SETTINGS. Your upper end lvt lvp state controlled temps are a must, 55 to 85 or 65 to 85 degrees...Also...You have to look at what revision and when printed, Remember still in ways a New Product, I remember it took a 2 part glue to put it in...A lot lvt lvp nowadays is just a veenier on a platform
  20. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Administwative Asst. Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I am with Mike (look to the underlayment) I know of NO major click LVP that recommends using underlayment. With traffic there would be deflection and movement causing the locking (click) to open up.

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