For Sale: Mint Condition National Ride-on Used 30-40 hrs 17,500.00

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell Flooring Tools and Equipment' started by D Bozik, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. D Bozik

    D Bozik Pro Member


    I am retiring from the flooring demo business this December after 12 years in. I have only kept to one crew, and I was always a part of that working every day.

    I was young and ambitious then, and bought 2 National scrapers, a battery and an electric.

    I began in the commercial arena but found my niche to be residential, so I quickly changed my preference to using the smaller, lighter electric model. No more Commercial. The battery model was destined to remain mostly unused from that point on.

    I am selling the Battery Unit here. An honest $17,500

    The electric will be sold end-of-year--very used! ...and looks it!) NOT SHOWN

    So I have a used, like brand new battery scrapper, only used for a few commercial carpet or VCT jobs. First item to begin my selling off of equipment thru the remainder of this year. It would be hard pressed to say there is more than 30-40 hours on this machine.

    All the battery pacs are dead from non-use, but I replaced the batteries in one pac to enable the machine recently.

    Comes with the cart and 4 battery pacs and 2 working 24V, 110V chargers.

    Has full 5200-QL MANUAL and CD (PDF at bottom of listing)

    Paint is flawless as is the decals, to show hardly used.

    I am located in Jacksonville, Fl. I am considering issuing a CREDIT off the purchase amount for anyone interested in looking and PURCHASING. Seeing is believing in this case.

    ---> PM me only rather than ask questions on here and only if you are serious.

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  2. D Bozik

    D Bozik Pro Member

    I will create a video of the machine zipping around the warehouse when the Florida storm ends, probably Thur or Friday to show this unit is fully functional and ready to go.

    There is a PDF Instruction Manual included as the last "Pic" in the original Listing, in case not noticed.
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  3. I’ve looked at this again. I agree about its condition. I wonder about any upgrades in battery technology. The unit looks agile and small enough for residential. I brought mine in the kitchen with granite countertops yesterday as manual labor is repelling.

    I think the price is reasonable,actually really good considering low hours. I’m not sure about battery life but the changeout system would be acceptable to me and I’m pretty dam efficient on a charge as I remove conscientiously. Not sure why you didn’t use it more but my larger scraper is sometimes too big.

    Now the bad news from me, timing is bad, not sure when my funds will be recharged but buying a house. I’d hope it doesn’t sell for @ 4 months, also need a new truck.

    What tooling does it come with and do you have any recommendations for equipment financing? I’ve done Marlin and some others, looking for good rates. Someone could be getting their ducks in a row for an offer but I’m reaching out, also for other equipment, I will go to Jax to see as I’ve been a few times for 90lb Jackhammers and other flooring equip. And Epoxyman Jobs! Ron could be interested in some of your stuff as well.
  4. Cory Davenport

    Cory Davenport Anything floors llc

    is this still available
  5. D Bozik

    D Bozik Pro Member

    The difference between the Electric and the Battery version is the height in the seat. I believe the length and width of both are pretty much the same. The biggest difference is seat height and the hand steering grips. (and of course the weight!) I have always preferred littler things, like trucks, cars, (women LOL I'm single).
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  6. D Bozik

    D Bozik Pro Member

    The accessories for this unit is very limited, due to the fact I have a 2nd unit that is electric (2 cords 110V). I stole from this one when I needed a new blade head.
    BUT...for the battery unit I will furnish a new 6" demo head and a new 12" glue scrape head. I can also furnish a used stem, but it definately will be used!
    The (2)-24V chargers are also included as shown in the pictures, fully working.
    The pull-behind cart is also included ( Free )

    REMEMBER....I am offering a CREDIT off the cost to come to florida to BUY. You wont be disappointed and it will exceed your expectation. Sorry, can't defray the cost of your trip if you want to just look.

    Also, I can help get it to you. Figured out at time of sale.
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  7. D Bozik

    D Bozik Pro Member

    I created 2 vids today but unfortunately Jim's app will not support uploading vids.

    If you PM me, I can try to email them to you in seperate emails (1) vid per email.

    There are 2 vids in total.
  8. Not sure what best method is but if you put it on YouTube then link it from your post. I’d like to see it operate.
  9. kylenelson

    kylenelson You'll find me on the floor I Support TFP Senior Member

    Upload to YouTube then copy and past link here
  10. D Bozik

    D Bozik Pro Member

    Here are the Vids:

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  11. That is a fine machine, exactly what I need. Loading up my bigger machine for tomorrow, it’s a hassle for its size. This is perfect for a lot of residential use.

    Dam the timing!
  12. D Bozik

    D Bozik Pro Member

    This machine has been tucked in the back of my large warehouse, cover with moving blankets. It is truely unused and like new. I have an electric unit which my 1 crew exclusively used. when I first started this company, I wanted to do large commercial offices floors, which we did startup of the company, and this machine along with my electric we did just that. But I quickly learned the money is in the residential market, and that was the direction developed. My preference was the electric.
    But if you want a battery machine, this is an opportunity to get a new one at half-cost.
    Seems like a smart business decision for you to purchase at an outstanding savings. That capital you saved can be invested in additional equipment, almost like getting it Free!
    Remember, I offer the Buyer a discount to cover coming to Jacksonville, Fl.

    Reference the pictures above. I also found an 8inch blade head to include with the 6inch head. Thats additional value.
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  13. D Bozik

    D Bozik Pro Member

    This Proposal (shown below) shows the Value I am offering by selling a machine as good as a new one. As mentioned before there in only 30-40hrs max on the machine, probably the lower side. Check the pictures and Vid at top of post.

    If you cant read the PDF, price of new is $32,500.00 one year ago!

    When you come to buy, I pay for portion of travel expenses! You wont be disappointed!

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  14. epoxyman

    epoxyman Pro Member

    It’s a great buy that’s for sure
    A few weeks ago I was up in Jacksonville doing the Jacksonville country day school kitchen and restrooms long job was there over 21 days
  15. People just don’t know what they don’t know!

    I pm’d you just a start about things I’d be interested in purchasing. And some good help to go along with it if they’re willing to move to Citrus County.
  16. Luciano Oliveira

    Luciano Oliveira Pro Member

    I am interested and have cash in hand, can you contact me please?

    (904) 3474975
  17. stan clark

    stan clark Pro Member

    I am interested in purchasing the machine. Please call Stan @ 801-803-0573. Thanks
  18. D Bozik

    D Bozik Pro Member

    I wasn't signed in this weekend, but have just responded to everyone.

    Good news, I have found a 12" scraper head I am going to include! Christmas in October!
  19. D Bozik

    D Bozik Pro Member

    SOLD @ $17,500.00 Came on Saturday and bought it!
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  20. I hate that word when I want something.

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